pavlinkax webcam show Andrew with a sharp movement pressed Oleg’s belly to his ass and a member burst into him completely.
Oleg, having failed to cope with his emotions, ended almost immediately.
Andrew, feeling a strong stream of sperm inside himself, having waited a bit, turned around and put Oleg’s head on the edge of the bath, drove his dick to his mouth.
Oleg caressed his eggs, which swayed right in front of his eyes, felt the hairy tense ass from which his sperm flowed, and felt Andrei’s sting.

He almost completely thrust his penis into the throat of Oleg. pavlinkax webcam show
Oleg felt the sweet taste of something warm in his mouth.
A warm sperm filled the entire throat, and the second, like the first jet, with a strong jolt burst into his mouth.
They went to the bathroom and caressed each other for a long time, realizing that what was, was insane, but what kind of passionate insanity.
To be continued.

And when will I learn how to disconnect from everything and fall asleep normally? All people are like people, and here the whole life is divided into debuts, middle spars and endgames. pavlinkax webcam show