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To love you is one pleasure, and not to love is a sin.
– Well, get up.
Your breasts are normal, I have not found anything.

With these words, I saw white streams of milk running down her breasts.
Nicholas apparently saw my surprise.

– What? Well, the milk ran down.
Matter of course – the woman has given birth recently.
– It’s time to decant.
– Elena said.
– And I did not take a breast pump.
– Well, it does not matter.
– said Nikolai.
– And we for what? By the way, feed me some milk from our newcomer! And then he is some kind of “in a stupor.”
– Yes, please, doctor! – With readiness she said and put her breast to me, and in the second she squeezed her nipple.
I was a little taken aback by such pressure. pretty teen webcam
But suddenly I realized that here, probably, they did not practice this, and approached her.
– Mmmm.
Tasty as.
– I blithe, sucking on a little bit.
Elena smiled and drew her tits in my mouth, as a result of which a whole fountain of milk beat in my mouth, but I did not have time to swallow it.

To taste, the milk resembled diluted condensed milk.
– Well, how? Yummy? – Nikolay laughed.
– Yes.
– without stopping and bastard I said.
– Yes, Misha! Yes, my shepherd! Feed your cow! The cow was pastured in the meadows, she ate grass, and fed on milk.
– Helen urged me.
– Come on, come on! – commanded Nicholas.
– Feed her well! I squeezed her milkings and a new portion of milk beat in my mouth.
– Come on, Lenka, get up on all fours! – He ordered.
And she did not need to beg! Lena obediently got up, releasing the second tits.
From it immediately dripped milk.
Nikolai put a special medical pallet under it.
– Come on, feed her into it.
I want to look at the milk.
– He said, starting to take off his pants.
I, as requested, began to milk her, pulling off her nipples.
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