redhead solo webcam Suddenly I felt someone’s look on me.
It happens if someone is looking at you intently.
Coming here, I did not see a single familiar face, who could it be? I looked around.
There were very few new faces, but there were no acquaintances among them either.

I turned to the counter and asked the bartender to pour me more.
Look again.
I turned again to face the hall and began to look more closely.
In the corner farthest from the counter, a girl sat and looked at me.
Taking a glass from the bar filled with the bartender, I picked it up in a welcoming gesture and smiled at her.
Then, again, turned to the counter.
– If I understood correctly, then you are not in a hurry and are not waiting for anyone? – I heard behind my back in a few minutes.
“You got it right,” I replied, turning.
That girl was behind me.
She continued, still attentively, to look at me.
She was not like those ladies who sit down at the lonely men at the bar asking why he was bored.
And who then, if the man will be supportive, try to get drunk at his expense, providing in return sex of a very dubious quality.
And then simply, quietly disappear after that.
No, she certainly didn’t look like these.
It became interesting to me.
Moreover, indeed, I did not wait for anyone and did not hurry anywhere.

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Yes, and no one was waiting for me.
I lived alone in an apartment near this hotel.
Actually, going home, I went to this bar.
“Then maybe you can do me a favor?” she asked and smiled at the edges of her lips.
– Which one? – Can you go for a walk with me? Seeing the surprise in my eyes, she began to speak faster, as if she was afraid that I would interrupt her in mid-sentence.
– You see, I have such a mood today that I don’t want to be alone, and the person with whom I agreed to meet here could not come.
I ask you – let’s go take a walk.
We will be silent, and I will not bother you with talk.
I’ll just know that I’m not alone.
It was a strange request, but quite in the spirit of my mood.
I drank brandy in one gulp, then paid off the bartender, got up from the chair and went to the exit.
She caught up with me, took my arm and we went out into the street.
Along the street we went in the direction of my house.
I do not know if I specifically turned this way or not.
Or maybe she turned it.
In general, we headed towards my house.
We walked slowly.
She held my arm, trustingly resting her head on my shoulder.
On the way, we sometimes stopped to sit on a bench and smoke.
Also silent.
It was then, when we first sat down, I looked at her, and she looked at me and smiled.

Smiled as well as at the bar when she approached me, only by the edges of her lips.
It was then that in my brain, like a flash of lightning, the thought arose that I wanted it.
And further, during our stops, I looked at her, more and more understanding it.
In my head, with the speed of a hurricane, a swarm of thoughts began to be worn, the general meaning of which was – how to make it so that we went to me.
I did not want to offend or frighten her.
She trusted me.
On the other hand, she chose me, although there were still lonely visitors in the bar.
In general, while I was thinking, we went through my house.
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