rt bongacams org At the same time, arrange? Arrange, Ilya, maybe you can drink a cup of coffee with me, since I have come.
I’ll turn on the kettle.
And what can perhaps sit, admire you a little.
Give me a chair or something.

You drive me.
in the paint, Ilya.
– Inga said, turning on the teapot and pulling out a bottle of Arabica instant coffee from the cabinet, took out a cup of cleaned cloth and wiped it with a clean towel, put out a box of refined sugar on her desk.
I am pleased with your attention, but we have no future with you, and so far there is no reason to change your husband.
I am afraid of you, besides, you are too energetic man.
Otherwise it is impossible, now, Inga.
Only having thought out and having decided everything, we must begin, but go all the way.
Otherwise, zaklyuyut, crushed, but everyone wants to live well.

And I still get you, I feel your potential, your temperament in life, and therefore in love too. webcam girls tranny vk
After all, you love the pressure and in order to receive your pleasure in life.
In this we are like you.
Here and your teapot boiled, make coffee, Inga.
And then I’ll kiss you all the same.
They sat and drank coffee.
Then Ilya got up, intending to leave, went up to Inge tidying up on the table, turned her around and kissed her tightly.
Inga responded to the kiss.
– ————————————————- ——————————— Secretary, she and Semyonovka secretary.
– ————————————————- —– Ilya Sergeyevich, or Ilya, as he asked him to call him Inga, returned to his office or office, as is customary to call now, returned around five, the staff all left or were preparing to leave.

There was only a secretary, a twenty-six-year-old, beautiful woman, his wife’s cousin, however, versed in keeping records and able to use a computer, for which he took her secretary, and not because of kinship, because he did not share her hubby – roommate, drunkard and troublemaker.
At first, he even followed his wife, believing that once a secretary, she was a whore for the boss.
Then he died down, seeing no reason for scandals with his wife and her boss, but he began to drink even more, pulling money out of his wife’s pockets or from her purse.
Talking on him did not act.
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