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– What are you doing? – Holding back laughter, she asked.
“You will find out now,” I smiled too.
Anya was no longer afraid to trust me to lower her jeans just enough to bare ass and I could enter her from behind.

She moved her knees together and arched her back.
I slightly lowered jeans and felt the head of a member of the entrance to the anus.
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I watched her in the mirror, how her eyelids closed languidly, how she licked her lips, how she began to move towards me, leaning on my penis, like a chicken on a spit.
Her ass relaxed, and I almost did not feel the rubber ring.
Only at times it reminded of itself.
I thought about the best moment for what I had in mind.
And when I almost reached orgasm, I felt the upper edges of the hip bones, clutched at them, powerfully hammering in the member, crushing her ass, slapping into her, ready to explode, suddenly intercepted jeans, jerked them sharply down to enjoy the look of pussy at the time of orgasm , and again he grabbed his hips, moaning Anya into a member with a moan, ending abundantly, looking into the mirror what, according to my calculations, was to be a woman’s pussy.
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