top 5 webcam sites Valya could not believe her ears.
She could imagine anything as a punishment.
There were whistles, whips, canes, serfs sobbing and beating in the pads in her mind, but nothing could have prepared her for this.
Enema? High? Anal rape? Meanwhile, the officer had already left the room and she heard the splashing of water.

The doctor finished the manipulations with the scales and shouted to the officer: “Four liters.
Without clothes it would be less, but in general, it will come down.
“She still could not come to his senses.
The doctor told her to take off her panties and climb on the chair.
She mechanically complied: she bent down, pulled off her lace underwear and twisted it in her hands, not knowing what to do with it.
“Yes, you throw them, you will not need them for a long time,” the doctor joked loudly.
He had already customized the chair and adjusted the stirrups.
At his command, she climbed into a chair and pulled up her skirt.
She did not want to think who else was in this chair before her.
Legs in the stirrups and the doctor quickly fastened them to the velcro.
Hands behind his head – invisible belts seized them, and now there was no way to escape.
The officer brought from the bathroom a large red rubber bag with a tube ending in a rather thick long tip, about a centimeter in diameter and 15 centimeters long.
He hung the bag on a chain hanging from the ceiling and asked the doctor: “Well, how?” The doctor did not answer. hidden spy cam naked
In the meantime, he put on gloves, smeared them with something from a tube, and proceeded to the inspection.
She began to interrogate her as a “kegebesnik” and barely received recognition. ”
“Well, okay, better late than never!”, I remembered the proverb.
Enema during this time was again filled with water.
I again drove her into Ninke’s asshole and let the liquid into the girl’s guts.
Then again put the “pear” in a mug of water.

“Uncle, enough for me to do an enema! I already want to crap! ”Ninochka whined.
“Be patient, child!”, I replied, holding her buttocks compressed, “let’s make another enema, then you will go poop.
Everything will be fine, just be calm and do not resist! “.
“Listen, what if she suddenly breaks her guts?”, Whispered in my ear of Light.
“Do not worry!”, I replied, “a half-liter enema is just the norm for children of her age.”
“Well, okay, as you know!”, The friend reluctantly agreed.
A minute later I let Ninochka third, the last enema.
Then I put the “pear” on the floor and squeezed the girls’ buttocks together again.
Now, Ninotchka, lie quietly for 5 minutes and do not think to get up earlier!

Otherwise, I will let you in three more enemas! ”I threatened.
“I can not stand! I will crap here on the couch! ”, The girl whined piteously.
“You can stand it, you couldn’t let go!”, I replied, “because I hold your buttocks tight.
And so that it would be easier for you to endure, breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth! ”
Nina began to breathe, all the while sobbing.
“Never mind, you fool!”, I began to calm the child, “you are already an adult girl and you shouldn’t make such a fuss because you get an enema! By the same, everything is already behind, now you have to bear a little, then you sit on a bowl and show it.
Do not cry, big children do not do that! ”.
After 5 minutes, Sveta released her niece’s legs, helped her up from the couch and crouch over a basin.
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