trap on webcam She felt the knot on the hose with her hand, clamped it in her hand.
She pulled her hands to the handcuffs hanging above her back, and snapped those that were hanging on a chain.
I tried to bend, free myself – nothing worked.
And the last, decisive step – untied the knot on the hose.

The first few seconds I did not feel anything, but suddenly a jet of water hit me inside.
I twitched.
My first enema in my life has begun !!! I tried to imagine what I looked like.
slim, tall, with long wavy red hair.
She is lying naked, with her buttocks pulled up, legs wide apart and tied to the edges of the bed.
Hands pulled to the ceiling. trap on webcam
Eyes are blindfolded, and in the mouth is a gag.
A hose sticks out of the butt, attached to a huge bottle of cold water.
She lies and quietly moans.
AAAAAAAaaaaa !!!! All my thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain in my stomach.
I panicked, started to twitch, try to free myself, but it did not work.
Sore shoulders and shoulder blades.
I began to try to push the receiver out of myself, but this also did not work out.
I squeezed the ball-gag in my teeth.
It seemed to drag on forever.
The blindfold was all wet with tears.
I do not know how much time has passed, but the pain in my stomach began to pass.
And somehow, unexpectedly, I like the beginning.
I began to try to concentrate on sensations.
And after a while – unconsciously began to sway her hips.
The tip inside me was moving a bit, and it was very nice.
I finally lost all orientation in time.
Soon I felt that everything was already wet. trap on webcam