webcam in office During the last forty blows, I jerked and groaned hoarsely, the consciousness again almost left me, and ammonia was needed.
Finally, the execution was over.
I could not dress and leave myself.
I slipped off the table, tried to take a few steps, nearly fell off – my legs would not obey.

Mark carefully pulled on my skirt and blouse and helped me put on the shoes.
Underwear and tights put in my bag.
Then he put me in the back seat of the car. webcam in office
I couldn’t sit on my miserable, tortured pope and fell on my side.
Mark brought me to the apartment and waited for me to open the door and enter.
For three days I lay on my stomach, getting up just to drink water and to the toilet.
It was impossible to look at the priest without tears and horror – at first it was all red and blue, and after two weeks it became yellow-green.
Of course, I did not go to any sea.
I came to my senses, and only towards the end of the holidays did she more or less return to normal life.
It’s good that all the friends and relatives thought that I was away and didn’t pester me with calls or visits. webcam in office