webcam lesbian homemade He already understood that the coins will not be taken away by the Force, So a new way is needed, In order to withdraw them.
With a wink to the fox Alice, He called her into the bushes, – How to clean Buratino, Now, crud, you think! And the gait of an old whore, She rushing to Pinocchio, Says, for five coins, Very cool suck.
In addition, of course, Give in the ass and pussy, – Do not you all go to the dick !!! Where am I going to take you? !!! Buratino already burst into tears, – I have no dick! And to sew a member, it is necessary, I have a lot of coins.
And Alice ohrenella: – – Huy not? !! – here is the trouble: Do not worry, everything is fixable, I will help you then! There is one such field – This is the “field of fools”, Dig the coins at midnight, And say the magic words.

And in the morning – you will not believe, There will be a tree to grow, And huge huyas, Like shaking leaves! Choose what you want, And grasp between your legs, And then pussy on the square, Take a woman to yourself there!

Pinocchio mouth open, Everything hears those words, – If you don’t pussy here, I’ll give you a little! But not these, soon a little business, I’ll check one thing here, Then there will be grandmothers, And I will unfasten you.
Well, soon went to the field, Soon the night is coming, I’ll bury the coins, Let the tree grow! Eh, naive Buratino, Wooden brains, Brought him to the dump, – That’s it! Take a look! – You stay away, I’ll sit here alone, And those secret words open, Those who say.
– Well, of course, nice boy! We can not stand with you! And those words are simple: “Ex-Pex-Fex!” – need to say! The cat with the fox retired: Buratino buried, All the coins as soon as possible, The spell said. free live sex cams
And sitting next to them, I waited for the Results, – I’m all stuck in with fuckers! – Stupid boy, dreamed everything: – Here, an apezduh, does not leave, – Alice’s cat whispered, – There will be until morning: – You would call the cops: And already to the cops to the station, Cat Basilio flies – – You catch a criminal!

He is sitting in a dump there! He is a maniac, a murderous murderer, Everyone threatens to fuck off, And then cut into pieces, But our city is to blow up! Garbage already ohreneli – Wow the case! – And flew to the dump, What would grab that goat.
It would have been worse, of course, if they had stuck it in a fire, Then it would have ended exactly, Our further conversation.
About something ebanulsya Pinocchio head, And consciousness faded, Protracted by the veil: 9.
Under the bridge, the turtle, At that time, she was asleep there, And about the shell pizdanulas, She suddenly someone’s head.
Keeping the key cherished, Only she will give to that, And will reveal the secret of the door, Who will ask her for the first time.
Why are you silent, my dear? Tired of flying among the stars? Sleep well my beloved, and so I can climb: And trying to pussy, He sat on the nose, Immediately, the virgin broke – Prediction came true! Pinocchio came round here, Opened his eyes slightly – And on the face moved, Hunt pussy: Everything, fucked up, I could see, And probably got to hell, Only he had time to think, And lost consciousness again.

And Tortilla is crawling all over, On his nose he has a pang – There is no orgasm, even if there is a crack, To the moon, at least a wolf howl
Climax was already visible for a long time, After all, no joke – three hundred years: Eh, she used to fuck before b: But the vow was given to fate.
And she got off her nose – How much can you wank off like that? Waiting – when will the prince wake up? To hand him the key.
Buratino again woke up, He opened his eyes again – He sees – a terrible ebalo Suddenly looms before him: – I have to go all the hell circles, Destined by fate: And ebalo smiled: – Hello, my dear prince! Finally, you woke up, Here it is – the golden key, And I hand it to you, And I myself – to rest.
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