webcam orgasm Long legs, heels.
Faces like nothing, too, pretty.
The only thing that strained a little – they looked quite young, – “not to run into youngsters”.
We met.

The redhead was called Sveta (she sat down with me), and the little black one was Masha (sat next to Oleg).
The girls were fun, with no signs of excessive shyness.
Will you martini? We will.
Maybe something stronger? It is possible and stronger.
They drank, danced.
He told a joke – they laugh.
He told a vulgar anecdote – they laugh even more.
Another drank.
The cheeks of the girls reddened, the movements became inaccurate.
He invited me to a slow dance to Sveta, asked: Do you have eighteen? And you check – and giggles.
How will I check? Will you show me your passport? Do you not know how differently? I do not know how.
And Sveta, slyly looking into my eyes, put my hand on her chest: So, is it 18 or not? Elastic maiden breast size, probably the second, hard nipple.
I squeezed this magnificence and felt that my dick came to life in jeans: I think that you are nineteen.
Light burst out laughing, I pressed her tightly and kissed her passionately, she answered, and I felt her tongue in my mouth.
When the song ended, we moved to the table, and I saw that Oleg was kissing Masha on the dance floor, greedily clutching his ass: there was no music, but time seemed to stop for them.

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When they returned to the table, I suffered: And what, girls, can we get out of this gadushnik? Where? I decided to grab the bull by the horns: For example, in the sauna, cleansed with body and soul! What are you, boys, cunning, – the girls laughed and it was obvious that in principle they did not mind.
Oleg appreciated their reaction as a team to action: he quickly dialed the number of the taxi, then called the saunas, booked the number.
We left the club, bought some more drinks and all simple snacks on the way.
In the sauna, went to the locker rooms – male and female.
They began to undress, Oleg hung for a minute: What do you think, do you have to take off your underpants, or are you shocking at girls? Of course, shoot.
The girls are five minutes as familiar, and already in the bath with us agreed.
So why the hell are you shocking them! Wrapped the sheets around the torso, and went into the waiting room.
Soon the girls appeared, also in the sheets: Well, where is the steam room, – Masha winked at Oleg, – lead us, otherwise we are cold.
Entered the Finnish sauna.
The girls immediately calmly, as a matter of course, took off the sheets, remaining absolutely naked.
Masha had a narrow strip of pubic hair, and Sveta had a small triangle.

Not embarrassed by us, they busily folded the sheets under their priests and sat down on the middle shelf, chatting some nonsense.
Without giving the air out of mind that we were somewhat dumbfounded by their unexpected enthusiasm, we also threw off the sheets and sat on the top shelf, right above them.
The girls were between our legs.
I have from the piquancy of this situation, from touching the young girls bodies slowly but surely erection began.
Sveta first noticed it, which immediately giggled: Look, Masha, and the boys have something very bad in their minds!
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