webcam paged I begin to rhythmically suck and crush his testicles in my hand, Suddenly he shudders and sprinkles his seed in my mouth, I very much continue to actively lick his head in his mouth and swallow.
He finished not very long, as they say in fictional stories.
The taste of the seed is rather tart and cloying, but at the same time pleasant.
Finally he lies down on the bed and rests, contented and happy.

We go to the kitchen to smoke, drink tea, talk, and finally he goes to the bathroom again, and I’m waiting for him in the crib.
Igor comes out of the bathroom, and lies down next to me and begins to touch my body.
His hand crawls under the shirt and starts stroking and pulling my nipples, and at this time he kisses me passionately.
I am very excited, but he does not rush and continues to caress me.
The hand goes down below and pulls my dick out of the panties and raises it.
– Like? – Mmm, very! Igor goes down and starts to suck me.
He does it quite actively and roughly, but it gives me pleasure too.
His hands caress my shaved legs, mmm.
how do you want him to fuck me! – Come on in the ass! – I say to him and turn over and get on all fours.
He takes off my panties and drops his lips to my shaved hole.
I love when I lick ass.

But they do not let me enjoy it to the end, Igor takes the grease and begins to lubricate the hole, putting his finger inside. wife nude webcam
I slightly move my ass towards him, sitting down on him myself.
He pulls out a finger and starts to slide between the buns with his dick.
it seems I will end this sensation alone.
I want him to fuck me.
– Come on, fuck me! – I whisper to him – Now honey, now.
He puts the head to the hole and presses, gradually it comes.
A little painful and uncomfortable.
I ask him to stop and wait.
he doesn’t move and strokes my ass.
– Pull it out and reinsert it into me, it will be better – I ask him to do it.
Now much better, he almost completely entered me and began to move slowly and carefully.
My hole is still tense and for 5 minutes I get no pleasure, but gradually it accelerates and it starts to fuck me in full force.
It does not compare with anything when you feel a warm moving elastic member in your ass.
Now I feel like a hole in which the dick slides, just a girl that the man fucks, a lustful bitch that the dog fucks during heat.
He puts me on his side and continues to frictions, 3-4 times he pulls out a member and re-introduces him, so it goes on for a long time, this is one of his favorite poses (as I learned later).
– Tanya, I’ll finish soon! – Yes, come on, I want this to make you cum in your slut!

He starts furiously fucking me, loud slaps are heard in the room.
I hold on to his thigh and just get thrilled by the feeling that they’ll finish in me, fill my hole with my seed.
Aaaaa, aaaaa – at last he finishes, his pushes slow down.
He relishes an orgasm, shooting his seed deep in my ass.
In many stories, they write as if they feel like a “jet of sprinkles” and similar nonsense, it is not, you just feel that the penis begins to slide in you differently: sperm is tart, it can slightly pinch and the movements of the penis become more pronounced.
gliding becomes different.
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