webcam sex video teen Blushing, she smiled.
I do it for you.
I don’t want you to get tired of me and run away with some other woman.
Well, about this you can not worry.

Well, – the voice gave her fun.
I am more afraid, – jokingly remarked Volodya, – that it is you who will keep me away from some man.
Volodya! How can you say that! Just kidding – he smiled.
She frowned theatrically, her eyes reproving slyly.
I do not like these jokes.
I will not do it again, he replied heartily.
– Lord! What are we both happy people, Lena! Yes, she agreed, this is true.
I don’t even know how we deserve this happiness.
It is better not to talk about it – or let us scare them! I just want it to be this way forever.
And I – she got up, went around the table and pressed his head to her.
He nuzzled his chest under the robe that opened.
God, – Vladimir came to his senses, – I have to go! I hate trips.
Will you come back tomorrow? Yes.
At parting, he kissed her passionately and gently, she spent a long look, watching the window as he gets into the car.

Everything in their life was going well.
They got married a few years ago, they were quite happy, they lived separately, in a two-room apartment.
Spouses, both with higher education, worked in the same large firm.
The work of 26-year-old Vladimir was associated with frequent, though short-term business trips, and 24-year-old Elena was a sales manager.
Quite a common middle class, moderately ambitious people with far-reaching plans for the future.
Turning on the news, Lena began to gather.
The melody sounded on the cell – Sergei was waiting for her in the car. caught on camera porn
Elena once again told herself that she had to pass on the rights.
When her husband went on business trips, Sergey, who, besides being their neighbor, lived only two floors below, brought her to work, and also was one of the leaders of the company where they worked, and most importantly they were their common friend.
Volodya knew him from the institute times, thanks to a friend, he first got into the company – and then she, his wife.

In general, all the leaders of the company went to friends with them.
Igor – General, Nikolai – Deputy, the managers of Victor and Sergey – had the same influence on the business.
Formed its own company, with which they spent a lot of time: together we went out of town, to picnics, to summer cottages, to visit each other.
Elena has always accompanied.
her husband, usually there were only two women, she and Sergey’s wife, Natasha, all the men, except Sergey, were unmarried – and even did not seem to aspire to this, they were satisfied with a wild lifestyle – with saunas, girls.
Elena knew everything, and about the baths, about the parties, and about the fact that Sergey is cheating on his wife – but she did not condemn, this is their personal life.
But in her husband she was sure they had a very good relationship – when she could not go with him, he himself refused to go, and that meant a lot to her.
In general, she was a kind of mascot of the company.

There were sometimes other women, acquaintances, colleagues — but she was the best.
Not only thanks to external data, beautiful figure.
It was in her and something from a young teacher – the mind and dignity.
Lena was not deprived of a healthy sense of humor, she noted with merry laughter jokes and jokes of men, which was appreciated in the company.
Denis was late for work again.
She just had to entrust him with an urgent matter, but no – everything became a habit, systematized.
In this case, the employee, who was arranged for an acquaintance, fully corresponded to what people usually think about such people — not obligatory, irresponsible, and besides, he was often struck with alcohol.
Denis, she told him off, trying to see in her dull eyes even a drop of remorse, hope for correction, you try my patience.
If you think to continue in the same spirit – it is better not to.
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