webcam usa new york Then they got up and went to the kitchen.
Two days later, in the evening, Aunt Zhenya said: “Why not continue our classes? Today we will talk about poses.”
Andrei tried to take Zhenya for his ass, but she removed his hand with the words: “First the theory.” When Igor and Andrei sat down on the sofa, she sat in a chair opposite and started broadcasting.
“Some men do not recognize any other position for having sex other than” missionary. ”

A man on top between the divorced legs of a woman, she lies on his back.
This is a very good posture, you can see each other’s faces, the bodies rub against each other, but the most good posture is that if she has been in sex for many years only she gets bored and bored.
In sex, diversity is important.
In sex, there are many positions deal of the couple to choose which they are suitable.

But at the same time it is necessary to observe some regularities.
Kama Sutra is written for yogis. ip webcam rtsp Many poses from there require excellent stretching and good physical fitness – not everyone has it. brunette webcam This does not mean that these people should not enjoy sex, but good physical condition contributes to better sex. asian family anal on cam
From the poses you should choose those that are easy for you to do.
You are going to have sex, not acrobatics.
When choosing, take into account individual physical data (for example, “rider” is very sexy, but if a woman is very full, then the partner can not stand; if the man is short and the woman is quite high, then they probably won’t be able to stand standing) penis size of the vagina, the angle of inclination of the vagina and, of course, sexual preferences of partners.

There are a lot of benefits now that contain positions and are fairly easy to get.
In order not to bother you, I will list only the main groups and give examples.
“Man on top” is a traditional group of positions that are used for sex, good because a woman can completely relax and enjoy.
In addition to the “missionary”, there is still a pose when a woman puts her legs together and a man lies on top of her arms wrapped around her legs — this is especially good for a small penis or an insufficient erection.
Yes, and in the “missionary” options are possible.
A man can put pillows under her partner’s ass or tell her to raise her legs, the sensations will be wonderful.
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