www bongacam And here Mussorgsky? Katya did not have time to think it through to the end – on the stage, a man-actor appeared under Beethoven’s powerful chords.
His body was covered with something like a skirt.
The actor obviously played the villain.
The spotlights lit his face with red rays, distorted by an evil grimace.

He addressed the girls with the words of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
One of them, illuminated by a green light, bowed her head submissively, slowly walked toward the “villain.”
“Villain”, not hiding the triumph, stood half way around the audience.
Kate saw his bare buttocks – the “skirt” was a skirt only in front, she didn’t close anything behind her, held on to a thin cord.
The girl, approaching the “villain”, more and more often stopped, waved her hands, uttered long beautiful monologues, in every way demonstrating her despair, begged her to spare.
Strange, but Katya was not at all embarrassed by the naked buttocks of another man in their apartment, moreover – she didn’t feel sorry for the poor girl whom he didn’t intend to spare.

Katya saw it by gradually rising front part of the “skirt”.
Something was going on with the lighting – with each step of the girl her transparent dress hid less and less the twists and bulges of the seductive body.
The body itself ceased to glow with a greenish mermaid tinge and more and more flared with a living flesh light.
The oval pale pink face was buried in a red glow, a dark strip under the belly glistening with chestnut hairs.
Sometimes defenseless pink lips appeared between the legs.
Victor looked at Katya.
She, without looking up, looked at the red-haired girl, who was already standing close to the “villain.” hot mature webcam
She was turned in half to the audience, facing them and to her tormentor.
In the eyes of the girl natural tears sparkled, her breasts heaved high with excitement.
The music is silent.
Only the breathing of the actors was heard, the female — frequent, intermittent and masculine — deep, strong, with exhalation through the nose.
Victor put his hand to Kate on his bare chest and barely audibly asked in his ear: Do you want her?

– Hardly having looked away from the stage, Katya looked into his eyes and said this quietly, with her lips alone.
A bright ray of light snatched the “villain” left hand out of the colored gloom.
A hand fell on the girl’s leg and slowly crawled up, lifting up the hem of her dress.
The girl closed her eyes and bit her lip.
Tears streamed down her cheeks.
The hand, rising higher, stopped at the pubis.
Strong, beautiful fingers began to gently touch the pink lips.
The girl sighed loudly and spread her legs slightly.
The right hand of the “villain” immediately found herself on a beautiful chest, almost completely closing it, began to gently stroke the dark nipple.
The girl froze, listening to her feelings.
It was felt that she was still a little afraid.
Terribly ashamed, but caress gives her pleasure.
Pale pink cheeks took on a bright blush.
Kate saw how under the persistent caresses of her partner’s fingers, the labia increased slightly in size and gleamed from the moisture.

The girl gasped and opened her eyes.
The actor’s finger deeply entered between her legs.
She spread her legs wider and resolutely pulled the partner’s “skirt” down.
Katya understood that something forbidden and obscene would begin now, but she could not believe it until the end, in the depths of her soul there was some kind of hope, fear that there were limits that could not be broken.
When the last clothes of the actor fell to the floor, and Victor’s hands pulled off her blouse, she realized that there would be no boundaries.
Victor today does not intend to stop.
Well, let! Katya was especially gazed up by two artists not engaged in the scene.
A girl in a transparent dress, lit by a dim blue light, silently sat in a corner on a chair and, not looking up, looked at Victor, or rather, at his penis, which Katya had already pulled out of her pants and lightly stroked her palm.
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