www bongacams Marat did not understand what subjects I was talking about, but after a day I gave him a small tube of vitamin pills and told him to stick it in his butt, after smearing it in front of this oil.
We were again at my house and I suggested to make this right here.
At first Marat didn’t want to, but when I told him that if she did as I said, I would let him fuck myself in the ass, Marat immediately agreed.
Only he wanted to fuck me first.

I myself did not mind, because I have long wanted to do it.
I have long been sticking my fingers in the anus when masturbating.
Sometimes I even threw in there wider objects like candles and all kinds of tubes and got an indelible pleasure from orgasms.
Now I wanted to try the real dick of a little guy.
My anus was ready for this and so I calmly agreed with Marat.
First I opened the door, then I brought the oil and undressed.
I section Marat and began to suck him.
His segment immediately stood up and then I started smearing my anus with oil, rubbing and rubbing it into my hole.

When the deal was done, I put butter on Marat’s member and got cancer.
Marat began to poke at me, not knowing where he should go, and then I helped him by inserting his penis into my gut. russian bongacam
The feeling was unforgettable.
His little dick walked inside me and his belly pressed against my booty.
Marat started fucking me quite furiously, but I didn’t get hurt and I enjoyed the moment.
In 10 minutes my butt was burning inside and I decided to finish it today.
When I removed Marat, he was all red and contented, and his penis increased and became bigger than ever before.
Now was the time to do what he promised me.
I put it on the couch and started smearing the ass with butter.
When I began to insert a tube into it, Marat began to writhe and I realized that his butt was too narrow.
I still continued to squeeze the tube inside it, but soon the guy felt so painful that she began to cry.
These unpredictable children.
Marat ran away that day from me.
Soon the holidays are over and I have not seen him all year.
Svetusik said how much a “beautiful ring” costs and how much, in this way, it is necessary from the nose to this “very beautiful” ring; the amount for each was quite acceptable, and the guys, not steaming thoughts about the gift, immediately unfastened Svetusik’s money.
– Oh, boys!

How Marishechka will be glad.
you can not even imagine! – Svetusik quickly put the money in his pants pocket.
– Now, boys, so.
an hour after dinner, you all come to us together – we all together give Marishka a gift and then go sit in a cafe – the birthday girl will treat us with something tasty.
“Damn! Half the evening being without Rasik – half the evening listening to this sugary nonsense!” – Dimka thought, feeling involuntarily arising in the soul irritation.
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