young nude cam Therefore, for two whole days I wandered aimlessly from morning to evening, trying to throw everything over and over again and not to get involved with such games anymore.
But each time I managed to convince myself that it was better to bring the job through to the end than to regret it.
The situation was complicated by the fact that it was difficult for me to compare the terrain with a photograph.
Pipes were everywhere, and even more abandoned houses.

I had to look into each and at least compare the color of the walls.
Fortunately, most were painted in completely different colors, and half of them were in such a state that it was immediately obvious that they were not in the photo.
And then there are all sorts of local and other dark personalities who did not want to face at all.
Fortunately, I managed without any extra effort to avoid any contact with them.
On the third day I was suddenly lucky.
Almost by chance, I noticed from the bus that the pipes were much like those fuzzy stripes in the photo.

There were as many of them, and the color seemed to be similar.
Therefore, I immediately rushed from the bus stop to them and began to look for where they could be seen and photographed.
The piquancy of the process was added by the fact that these pipes, like many others, were located on the territory of the plant.
The plant looked already abandoned, but still guarded, so I could only hope that the house was outside, and not in the territory.
However, very soon I found a lot of abandoned buildings that formed a whole street near the plant.
It was quiet here, as if in a ghost town, and it looked somehow unreal against the backdrop of relatively lively and noisy surroundings.
From here both the pipes and the hills were visible, so for the first time I acutely felt that the purpose of my search was somewhere nearby. young nude cam
It remains only to bypass everything here and find a laptop! For an hour I wandered around the floors, looking into every room.
It was very quiet here and even something pleasant.

The devastation reigned around, but it was not at all dirty, one could even live here for a bit.
In addition, I expected some dark personalities to sit here, but all the houses were uninhabited.
It was so empty here that very soon I calmed down and felt unexpected comfort.
Moderately cool, quiet and very calm.
After checking three houses, in the fourth I finally found the walls just like in the photo.
For order, checking each room, not just those from the pipes, I finally found the one on the third floor.
The laptop was here, stood on the table and looked very unusual.
Very thin, light and at the same time looking very durable.
On the labels were the names of unknown to me versions of the operating system and some programs.
The iron painted there was also unfamiliar to me.
I tried to turn it on, but the battery was discharged.
The computer just squeaked, flashed lights and died again.
All this left a feeling of some kind of fiction.
The computer as if got here directly from the secret laboratory, or even from the future in general.

First a mysterious camera, and now stickers.
No, maybe it is a joke or just inscriptions from the baldies, but they were obviously not made at home.
Having packed the laptop into a bag, I marked on the map the place where I found it, and decided that there was nothing more to be done here.
It remains to get to the nearest phone, call mrs and report on the success.
But something kept me.
It was so cozy and calm here that I didn’t want to leave.
And more.
This place somehow excited me.
I have not yet flowed, but my pussy was itching for a long time, succumbing to the atmosphere.
I do not know why, but it was always like this when I was in such places.
Not knowing what to do, I decided to look around to get a little distracted.
Inspected the adjacent rooms, but it was empty.
Then I decided to study the boxes seen in the photo – they looked rather heavy and probably hid something interesting inside.
The boxes stood in several stacks under the window and were even fresher than in the photo, in sharp contrast to the cracked walls.

It was even strange that I did not pay attention to them immediately, as soon as I entered here.
Brushing the dust from the one below all, I carefully tore the adhesive tape and opened the box.
What I saw there made me gasp involuntarily.
Porn magazines! The box was filled with them to the top! The most different: glossy and not very expensive and cheap, well-known and those that I have not heard of, with a bunch of photos and even text.
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