amateur teen cam masturbation They came, like this, this same farmer, who worked for Nikolai, and seeing what they had already done, decided to help both, after persuading, along the way, and Alexey, to a new job, because he knew him well.
I brought them the necessary, at the expense of the farm, sent two plumbers and a welder for two days, for the installation of plumbing equipment and the connection of water and heaters.
– ————————————————- ———————————- On Friday, satisfied families had already bathed in the baths and under the shower, using the toilet .
This case, of course, was decided to wash properly.

They gathered on Saturday afternoon, halfway through Inga and Nikolai, the girls were sent for a walk, and they themselves began to drink and talk.

We sat well, it turned out that Alexey played the guitar quite well and even sang a little.
I had to go after the guitar and tune it.
He sang a few songs of Vysotsky, then, along with Nina, something from the repertoire of Y. amateur teen cam masturbation
Alexey and Inga began to sing along, in general, they spent their time well, not forgetting to drink.
Nina went in the evening, fed and put the girls to bed and the fun continued.
At about the evening, the men had gotten themselves thoroughly and sometimes confused their mates, embracing and kissing sometimes the wives of strangers.
Women, too, were pretty drunk, they winked at each other and laughed, putting their lips to the neighbor, instead of her husband.
Nina sat down next to Inga, hugged her, looking at the drunken men and whispered in her ear, pointing at her husbands: You do not think, dear, that our husbands no longer think a damn thing, and they, now, do not care who to insert, but to insert , for sure, they will not be able to finish long.

How did you like kissing mine? That he knows how, and fuck, still, quite normal, I finish two or three times under him when he is in shock.
You, Nina, want me to sleep with yours? Do you like my Kolka? Well, I did, I didn’t, but my neighbor’s desire to try it out.
And how are you? I do not know, I have never cheated on him how they got married, although I also want to try now.
I liked your Lyosha.
Cool sucks when kissing.
So come on, change, an hour or two, they are drunk, they will not be able to finish for a long time, then again, each will go to her own.
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