anal gape webcam teen The day was sunny and relatively warm, so we decided to get together in a smoking room near the control room of the warehouse manager, in which he received the lieutenant yesterday.
Fyodor was visibly worried, told in detail his short but meaningful biography, assuring those around him that he was ready to join their friendly team: – And how do you know about our team? You have not served here yet! – There was a question from the left flank.
– I understood that the team was friendly as soon as I met Warrant Officer Babenko.
He is very quickly and accurately solves the most difficult and difficult domestic issues.

And without the help of those around them, oh, how difficult it is to solve! The lieutenant replied diplomatically.
– A zhinka you, probably, the general’s daughter? – again the same cocky voice quipped.
– Oh, come on, Mikheich! Well, why are you attached to a man?! – No!

I will answer the question.
Certainly would have been the daughter of the general if her father, Guard Major Baranov, the commander of the landing battalion did not die in an unequal battle with the fascist regiment near the village of Druskiniki in Lithuania in 1944.
– Yes, the lieutenant to us would not have been appointed, if Dad would have been a general with her.
Is it not clear? Balda you, Mikheich! The smoking-room shook with loud laughter.
And when everyone calmed down and lit up, he recovered from the “defeat” Mikheich, nudging his neighbor with his elbow, said: “But Lech also wants to ask a question.
– Come on, Alexey, – voices were heard.
From the bench rose a tall red-haired guy, a driver without a car, who was already tired of waiting for him to be put behind the wheel of his beloved car.
– They say that our part will be dispersed, and they will create a new one in the Main base.

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The lieutenant frowned, realizing that this question was not within his competence, but he got up and answered: “I can’t say exactly, but it seems to me that each such unit has its own branches.”
In an age of nuclear weapons, you cannot store stocks of weapons and property in only one place (he remembered a phrase from a lecture by a teacher of weapons of mass destruction, which he so successfully decided to use now), therefore this object is unlikely to be dispersed.
“And our lieutenant is,” someone said ironically behind the chauffeur’s back, clearly hinting at a phrase from the movie “Chapaev.”
“No one will be sent to our Lukyanov — either a lousy cat,” someone replied right there.
The smoker again shook with laughter, the lieutenant laughed, not expecting from these simple at first glance people such an ability to humor.
On this familiarity with the team ended, and the lieutenant with the midshipman went to the office of the warehouse manager.

“Do not be offended by them, comrade lieutenant,” Babenko smiled, winking at Zuev.
– And I’m not offended.
To understand them is not difficult.
They do not want to lose their jobs, and the people have chosen a good one, what they are thinking about, they are saying.
– What will the commander bring us? – asked Zuev.
– Something will bring.
The first time he was so urgently summoned to the base logistics headquarters.
Accompanied by Babenko, Zuev walked around all the vaults, carefully read the contents on the open areas, checked the alarm and the lighting of the object, the fire extinguishing equipment, entered the garage where the special cars were standing and returned to the office where Lukyanov’s wife clicked knuckles on the accounts.
She checked the payroll for payroll.
In a separate statement, officers and warrant officers were listed, where the lieutenant had already been paid a salary for the first position of the head of the laboratory that did not exist at the time, and a good sum for lifting.
– Any questions, Fedor Fedorovich?

The woman asked tenderly, smiling affably at the lieutenant.
– No, Natalia Ivanovna! But how did you determine everything for me? – The secret, Fedor Fedorovich.
But I will tell you.
Three days before your arrival I was summoned by the deputy head of the financial department, Major Drygailo, and explained everything.
So wait.
Pay day after tomorrow.
Will you live on your resources? – That’s right! – the lieutenant jumped up and deliberately stretched himself on the stand “At attention!”
– At ease!
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