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I put my penis to the gaping entrance of the anus and, with a gentle push, entered the full length of my penis into the rectum of my sister.
It was great.
The walls of the intestine tightly adhered to the trunk of my penis, and even seemed to caress him with their silkiness.

I could not withstand this torture for a long time and soon began to fill with my sperm the depths of the bowels of my beloved sister.
As soon as we caught our breath, Aunt Lisa called us to dinner.
As soon as I entered the kitchen, I immediately saw that Aunt Lisa had changed her clothes.
Now she was wearing a translucent nakitka on a naked body.
Through the overhang, I saw her third-size elastic breasts with huge nipples, wide ass and smooth hairless pubis.

I got excited from the sight of Aunt Liza, and even Irka came in to us completely naked with a red cunt from which my sperm flowed! Irka said that I agreed to have sex with her mom.
Aunt Lisa was very happy about this and immediately suggested moving from words to deeds.
She threw off her grip and stood in the pose of the washerwoman, leaning on the kitchen table.
Irka took off my shorts and released my tense cock.
I walked over to Aunt Lisa and hugged her by her firm bosom.
In this case, my cock rested in her vagina.
Aunt Lisa groaned from the trick and I entered her hot, moist gut.
Having made only 3-4 frictions, I felt that Aunt Lisa covered the orgasm.
I realized that Aunt Lisa had suffered enough from the absence of men.
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I continued to peck Aunt Liza’s cave.
In the process of this action, Irka crawled under me and began to lick my balls.

For so long I could not bear it and soon began to fill Aunt Lisa’s vagina with my hot sperm.
Sensing the eruption of sperm, Aunt Lisa experienced her second orgasm in the last 15 minutes.
After waiting for my dick to come out of her body, Aunt Lisa turned to me and passionately kissed me on the lips.
Irka at this time licked out the sperm from the vagina of his mother.
From that day I was already lying in bed in the evening between aunt Liza and Irka.
Before bedtime, I finished twice in their heated body.
And passed out.
There were too many tests for my weak body.
When I woke up in the morning, I found that only Aunt Lisa was lying next to me.
Irka was not.
I asked Aunt Lisa where they say my sister.
Aunt Lisa replied that in the morning she went to please her lover and it will be in 1 hour.
And she added, they say that already missed my sister? I did not have time to answer, as Aunt Lisa put her hand under my blanket and felt my excited member with her fingers.

She cooed and then abruptly pulled back the blanket and sat down with her cunt on my dick.
Having corrected him with her hand, she immediately planted the entire length of my penis.
And he had a jump.
Only after Aunt Lisa had finished three times through short breaks, I was finally able to discharge the sperm inside her vagina.
Sensing a hot stream of sperm inside her body, Aunt Lisa gasped with satisfaction and firmly pressed her body against mine.
Having cooled down a bit, she rolled off me and lay relaxed and contented.
And at that moment Irishka rushed into the room, who, while she was walking, pulled off her dress and immediately jumped into our bed.
Seeing that a thin stream of sperm flowed out of the mother’s vagina, she reproachfully said that they could not wait for her arrival and immediately fell with her mouth to the mother’s vagina, began vigorously to lick her vagina.

The caresses of her daughter caused Aunt Lisa to once again experience convulsions of orgasm.
At the same time from her vagina more strongly began to flow sperm, which immediately began to lick my sister.
This vision so aroused me that I got up and attached to the comfortably curved ass of my sister, and while she licked and smoothed her mother I immediately went into the anus developed this morning.
Irka gasped, arched even more in the back and I began to pump up my sister’s ass with my dick with satisfaction.
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