bad webcam teen The colors are faded.
When the pain subsided and my eyes cleared, I realized that the tree was trying to talk to me.
It offers protection and help in exchange for growth assistance.

Interesting offer.
I agree! At that very moment, the tree in the tree pulled the roots out of the ground and dragged me inside! Interesting.
I think I do not harm.
I hope.
The roots put me on a bed of branches covered with soft leaves.
And what will they do with me now? The roots holding my legs radvinuyu them, and from some kind of gap crept stem with a strange thickening at the end at the end.
He began to crawl to my pussy.
Will I have a tree now? Funny.
Well, let’s not resist, relax and get a lot of fun! The stalk began to rub on my twat.
My pussy opened up with excitement and the tree began to push through the thickening inside.
It moved back and forth inside me.
my cunt is very narrow, the tree had to expand it for a long time giving me great pleasure.

The stalk rubbed against the wall of my uterus and with a sharp jerk I overcame it and the thickening turned out inside, giving me an indescribable orgasm.
It began to rub inside of me from which I was again excited.
I wanted more sex.
But then the stem pulsed inside of me, the waves went through it, and in my uterus the thickening began to grow, stretching it.
With each push my stomach increased a little, and I got an orgasm for an orgasm.
But then, when my stomach became like on the 7th month of burdens, the stem began to crawl out of me.
Slowly, slowly, he would crawl out of me, leaving some liquid inside, the thickening left in me. sexy indian husband wife nude chat on live cam
When the stem came out completely, he poured a strange green liquid around my cunt.
Then I caught up with another orgasm and the light in my eyes faded.
This is my first story, so I will ask not to criticize much.
Marina was a tall brunette with a thin waist, small ass and an attractive breast 3 sizes.
She always dressed simply, but with taste.

She had long wavy curls, which were slightly set off by copper, her skin was silky and tender, with a bronze tan.
The eyes were green, large and surrounded by their eyelashes – dark, fluffy, which could be seen on her eyes and without mascara.
Lips were plump, made up dim lipstick.
The first thing she did when she woke up this sunny morning was to go to the bathroom.
Standing under the shower jets, she relaxed and began to imagine the scene of violence, which greatly excited.
She has red shorts, which emphasize her shape, small heels, summer tight blouse of white color with a small sleeve and a deep neckline, from which two young juicy breasts strive to jump out.
On the way, she comes into the bank to withdraw money from the card for various purchases.
She comes out, and then someone seizes her, claps a hand over her mouth and draws her into the car.
Marina fights back, tries to scream, but the forces are not equal – she has nothing to do with this big guy.

The driver shouted something to the kidnapper and the car started off.
She caresses her breasts, drives her fingers, pulls down her nipples, doesn’t squeeze them much, directs water to her pussy.
a moan escapes from her chest.
“It’s good that no one is home now,” she thinks.
Then she took the soap, soaped her hands with perfect thin fingers, and began to soap her neck, chiseled shoulders.
she paid special attention to her breasts again: she soaped her in circular motions, rubbed her skin and moaned at her touch, opening her lips and closing her eyes.
She drove a long time.
She did not see the road, and did not want to.
For fear, she lay and cried, and the man who abducted her just laughed at her, occasionally squeezed and crushed her chest, hurting her.
After a while, her hands were tied up and put to sleep.
How long she slept – she did not know, but woke up on silk sheets – she felt the coolness and pleasant touch to the naked body.
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