black chick webcam After that, the reddened teacher sat down at the table, looking at the writing students.
For five minutes, Tatyana Petrovna sat with her chin in her palm, and then the students began to approach with the tasks.
The teacher has already communicated in a normal manner, managing to suppress stress.
The class began to buzz slowly – the students chatted with each other, but the teacher did not say anything.

Anton noticed that Zhenya went up to Tatyana Petrovna and got up, waiting for the teacher to finish with the girl.
Anton took the line for Eugene, standing by the side of the teacher.
They both looked down at the thongs that stood out beneath the fabric and smirked at each other.
Lesha also joined them – and the trio clowned behind the teacher’s back, busy with the student.
Lyosha pulled out the phone and also took off Anton, Zhenya and the edge of the strings, knocked out from under the top of the skirt.
When the girl sat down, Zhenya gave his work to Tatyana Petrovna.

The teacher took a quick look at Anton and Lesha – and returned to the work of Eugene, who was leaning towards her from the left side and was showing her work.
As the teacher leaned forward, the boy put his hand on the back of her chair.
Then, Zhenya put his hand on the teacher’s bare skin – between the skirt and the blouse.
To Anton’s relief, the teacher did not show her how she felt her pupil at her teacher’s desk.
Anton willingly filmed a friend’s fingers trying to crawl under the fabric of the skirt.
Looking at what is happening, Alex got to the right of the teacher – and slightly pulled the strip of strings, outstanding from under the skirt. black chick webcam
The boy nervously moved his hand over the woman’s thigh, wondering how far he could go.
Anton continued to shoot.
Zhenya, looking at the hand of a friend playing with the teacher’s panties, plucked up courage and put his right palm under the skirt fabric, pushing it with her thumb and climbing with the other four fingers inside, stroking the top of Tatyana Petrovna’s buttocks.

Looking at the actions of a friend, Lesha, too, ran his hand under the skirt of the teacher.
In the end, Tatyana Petrovna leaned back, trying to get her students to pull their hands out of her skirt — without looking back, but her attempt ended in failure.
When the next girl came to the teacher’s desk, Anton finished the shooting and shoved friends to their desks.
Undoubtedly, when Tatyana Petrovna noticed Roman going to the table, she decided that she would be safer in the middle of the class than at her own table – so she got up and walked along the rows, watching the remaining students finish the task.
However, the woman discovered that she was not protected from the hands of her students, going to help the girl sitting at the back of the desk, next to Anton.
When the sexy teacher leaned over to read the girl’s notebook, Anton could not resist seeing a tight-fitting skirt covered in her ass looking at his face.
Reaching, the boy laid his hand on her.

Startled, Tatyana Petrovna looked back at Anton, but kept silent and did nothing to throw off her pupil’s hand from her ass.
Not encountering resistance, Anton could not resist, and ran his hand under the teacher’s skirt, stroking her buttocks through the thongs.
What were these buttocks !!! Softer than adolescent girls – but retaining a beautiful shape.
Anton looked around – in addition to his friends, several other classmates saw him squeeze the teacher’s ass with impunity.
Finally, Tatyana Petrovna straightened up and walked away from Anton, not looking back at her young tormentor.
Standing in front of the class, the teacher helped another student, but this time Lesha got up to give up her work – and on the way stroked Tatiana Petrovna’s ass.
By the end of the lesson, when most of the students left the class, Tatyana Petrovna, who was collecting the papers, suddenly said.
“Anton?” Anton and three friends froze at the entrance and returned to the teacher’s desk.

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