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Immediately they wanted to throw me on the operating table and correct the sin of nature, but the doctor did not agree, saying that he would not cut such a crumb.
When I grew up, my parents started fussing about the operation again, but my bad tests prevented me.
Time passed, and I grew up with a female breast and “Proboscis” instead of a gap.

– And how did you live all this time? Studied at school, bathed on the beach, walked out of need? At school, I suppose, all ran to the toilet to gawk at such a miracle? – hid it.
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– I was not a simpleton, but very cunning.
In the Hussar Ballad, the girl hid the floor, living among men, and nothing.
– So this is the movie.
– And for me, my whole life was a solid movie.
Do you know how many tears I have shed? Sea.
– Well, and yours? How did he marry you? – He was the first to find out about my grief.
Another cadet felt on the beach at night, I learned, and I wept, I wanted to throw myself into the sea and meet the ends, so he was sorry.
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