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– Bly-and-in as I rubbed my leg !!! – Svetlana barefoot spanked into the kitchen and tiredly sank into a chair next to her husband.
While Sergey, her husband, was putting a misted bottle and snack on the table from the refrigerator, she had already managed to change into a dressing gown.
– Finally we are home! shot out! – Sveta grimaced in pain, rubbing her bare foot, rubbed with new shoes.

– Is it really that bad and you didn’t like it? – Sergey tried to clearly pronounce the endings of words, controlling the degree drunk: the wife did not like when he was drunk.
– No, that you! – tired, but quite smiled at him Light – it was cool! just, just class-not-nh-to !!! She reached out to her husband, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gently kissed her cheek.
Twenty minutes ago, a black taxi with spectacular glowing summer nights on board took Sergei and Svetlana home from a restaurant where the couple celebrated Svetlana’s 30th birthday with pomp.

There was everything: expensive booze, chef cooking, dancing — dancing — dancing; Naturally cake and some local show with a corps de ballet.
And a sea of ??guests.
Sergey knew how his wife was worried before the holiday, because at such moments she always tried to please everyone: so that everyone would be full and drunk, so that everyone would have enough of everything and no one left dissatisfied and disappointed.
It seems everything turned out, that is why Sergey now hears from his wife lightweight: “Finally we are at home! shot out! “.
Sergey also reached for his wife, embraced her, gently stroking his hand over the slender, stance of the back.
In passing, he noted that there was no gum bra under the robe on the back of the spouse. busty chubby webcam
– Did you take off your underwear? – Yes.
– And the panties? – She said the same YES !.
– Where is Viktor Mikhalych? – asked, lowering the voice of Sergey.

Light exhaled loudly.
– In the bath already climbed.
– Sobering, or what ?.
but I still wanted to continue the banquet – Sergey pointedly pointed out to his wife at the covered kitchen table.
– Swee-ee, well, can I have a drink with you and your chef too? – Not! – sharply straightened his wife – I said: go to the room and close there! – Well, at least one glass, Swe-ee? – No, I said! What do you want so that nothing happens ?! what if he hesitate to start you? The wife was right.
Sergey himself understood it.
It was necessary to act as they conceived with his wife.
Sergey nodded.
Got up.
Svetlana set up her lips.
It was clearly noticeable that she herself was very worried.
He turned and walked down the hall to the room.
– Dear.
He turned around.
Svetik looked straight into his eyes.
She playfully opened the robe’s floors, showing him her beautiful and absolutely naked body with her breast slightly sagging after birth, but not losing its attractiveness and neatly shaved pussy with red lips beckoning.

Spouse sent him a kiss.
– Maybe.
do you take off your robe? – Sergey licked dry lips.
– What would absolutely all be clear.
– Do you EXACTLY want this? – Yes.
– In general, all of this? – Yes.
– Well, look, hubby, there will be no way back! – Svetlana launched a husband robe.
He caught on the fly and pulled to his.
Sergey smiled and left.
He covered the door of the room behind him and simply stood listening.
Wife knocked loudly in the shower.
– Victor Mikhalych? – in the trembling voice of Svetlana, ingratiating notes were clearly heard.
She literally drummed.
Suddenly the door creaked plaintively and opened.
– Victor Mikhalych.
can I rub your back ?.
– Wow!.
Where’s Sergey ?! – the voice of the chief of the wife was surprised.
– Sleeps.
can I take care of you ?.
– Well, come on, flirt – the chief laughed.
– And at work you build such a correct one yourself! The sound of a slap.

Laugh wife.
The creaking lockable door.
Sergey sank into a chair.
From sexual arousal, he already trembled.
Is this really happening in real life? Is it really his wife now, his most dear and beloved man in the shower, who is pleasing his boss at work? !! Finally, they came to this with her.
Finally, he will experience what he has long craved for so long: he will feel the betrayal of his wife !.
It all started with the joint with his wife viewing porn on the Internet.
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