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Parents gave me pocket money, just a little bit.
They were barely enough for condoms, a book and chewing gum.
I still did not know how to behave towards Anya.

In the gymnasium, our eyes met and lingered, filled with new meaning, our “Hello” sounded not so.
Her head in front of me now hid new incredible sensations.
Thoughts of self-satisfaction left me.
I was afraid of only one thing: that this happiness could end unexpectedly, that I could spoil everything, that Anya would stop loving me.
After class, I walked her home, and we kissed again.
This time in the entrance.
I did not ask for a visit, on the contrary, I quickly retreated. xvideos webcam colombia
I felt like a gentleman, restrained, not trying to drag the girl to bed the day after they met.
In addition, in my mind, I began to dream that someday Anya and I would get married.
We talked little in the corridors of the gymnasium, so as not to attract attention.
My view as a magnet attracted to her, I imagined how to embrace her, my hands fall on her ass, crush her, our lips merge into a kiss.
And then I desperately returned to the thought that without money, I could not even offer her to go to the movies.
Without money, all my hopes were shattered.
This again made me despondent, repelled by it.
Anya felt such moments and strongly supported me.
“You’re so sad today,” she said, and we kissed in the wardrobe, on the stairs, in the dark corridor.
Charged with her energy, I again burned with a bright flame.
I wanted more.
I started inviting her to my house under various pretexts, but for some reason she refused every time, referring to being busy. cristal bongacams