eliness bongacams He finished on her stomach, wiped us both with a towel and we fell asleep.
Rested, repeated fucking again and again.
I remembered that during the break I had a long look at her pussy, spread my fingers, sucked and licked, bored with her, tried to understand how it works and why I am so attracted.
She substituted herself from all sides so that I would not miss anything in her body and wanted her again and again.

By the way, Svetlana used only swear words to designate love, and it was unusual at first, and then excitingly tricky to hear from her, a beautiful woman, “dick”, “fucking”, “pussy”, “ass”, “boobs”.
Probably the way she heard in childhood and did not want to speak differently.
We met after this many more times, she spent the night with me, fucked to the point of insanity, but only managed with a bed and did not think of starting any other kind of relationship.
For me it was actually very beneficial and gave me a chance to start living again.
After Svetlana, more and more girls began to appear by themselves, and Anya, who had come to me in a short break between new partners, took the main place in bed and no one else needed me.

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Three summer months flew by.
We stopped making appointments in advance; she could come to me any day with or without a bell, at my request or at will; we did not stick to a certain amount of money, and sometimes she simply did not take them; or asked a little more, a little less.
I gave her some gifts, perfume, cosmetics which she was very pleased.
Several times I came to her house and met my son, Valera, we liked each other and talked quite easily.
I always had a fuck and tried, probably, dozens of ways in bed, in the bathroom, on the kitchen table, and on the floor.
We lacked one time, and we were naked after fucking reinforced by something tasty and started the game again.
Several times she stayed with me at night when she sent her son to her grandmother, and we didn’t sleep until morning.
During this time, her ex-husband came to her once, but did not stay for the night, and as she herself said, she did not want to sleep with him.
Once I was destined to meet him, and you can say, quite close.

In September, Valera had a birthday.
I congratulated him in the morning and presented him with a game console.
I didn’t stay to celebrate, because my friends came to him and my father called that he would come too.
Anya was all about homework.
She unexpectedly called me around eight in the evening.
She told me to come to visit them.
The former husband, Igor, did not leave, but he wants to see me.
Nothing bad will happen, just sit at the table together.
She was excited and seemed to be following someone’s instructions, I wanted to refuse, but she said that her son asked me to deal with the prefix.
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