ellashine webcam show Her hand, slippery with grease oozing from me, moved easily up and down my trunk and was much nicer than my own hands.
I groaned and began to suck again, pulling milk out of her elastic breast.
The feeling that her hand jerked me off was a new twist in increasing sexual arousal, which I would never want to stop.
I became bolder and touched her thigh with my hand, which had just held the erect barrel.

Her skin was very hot.
From my touch, she started and moved slightly, allowing the legs to disperse a little bit.
This movement pushed me to put a palm on her tummy so that with my little finger I felt the elastic fabric of the panties.
I hesitated for a moment, and then moved my palm lower.
My fingers slipped easily under the gum, touching the tips to the hairs.
Without delay, I let them move lower until I felt the hot moisture emanating from her body.
Mom took a deep breath when my fingers touched the big swollen tubercle.

I knew that was her clitoris.
Her fingers squeezed my swollen trunk and thighs gave way to my hand.
It was difficult for me to continue sucking her nipple when she squeezed my body more and more.
My fingers unexpectedly slipped between the oozing wet folds of her vagina.
When she began to move faster along my trunk, my middle finger accidentally entered her body.
By this time I had already switched from her right breast to the left, and because of this she was completely on her back.
As she continued to jerk me off, I began to explore the new hot depths of her insides. ellashine webcam show
Again and again I felt her thighs moving towards me, causing my finger to fall deep inside.
Unconsciously, I started to rub the hard bulge of her clitoris with my thumb, thereby causing even more convulsive and loud moans from Mom.
Her breasts were already empty, but no one wanted to stop.
Mom’s hand was moving faster and faster, and I pushed my finger more into her body.

Suddenly she tightened, neither the body nor the hands did not move for a few moments.
Finally, she sighed, her body trembled, and I felt a tremendous hot stream pouring into my finger and hand.
When she relaxed, her hand began to move again, but this time it was sharper and faster.
I knew that I was close to the final, but I could not utter a word.
My breath stopped, my dick pulsed.
A moment later, my eggs were pulled up to the scrotum.
I felt the sperm going up the trunk.
Big drops of my hot seed escaped just to land on Mommy’s chest and belly.
She continued to filter me.
My young hot seed covered half of her body, by the time I finished.
My first feeling after I got the relief I needed was shame for what we did.
I quickly removed my finger and my entire hand from her crotch and jumped out of her room even faster.
I cried alone on my bed.
What I’ve done? I brought my Mom to orgasm with my finger while she did the same to me.

The brain told me that I could not look into her eyes tomorrow morning.
I plunged into a very restless sleep.
The next morning I was still very concerned.
I took a shower, got dressed and in all ways pulled the time, trying to push as far as possible the moment when I would have to see Mom.
In the end, quietly slipping into the kitchen, I sat on a chair and looked at her.
She cooked breakfast and, surprisingly, looked very erotic.
On Saturday morning, she usually managed with a long terry robe, but today she was wearing her tiny nightie.
Every time she had to stoop, I saw a strip of her bare buttocks.
At first I could not believe that her naked body was so close, but after several such demonstrations of naked buttocks, I realized that I admired them.
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