facebook webcam spy Both of us are wildly excited.
And against the background of all this, a crazy thought occurred to me: why not to realize such a story today! From only one thought, my cock tightened and rested on his pants.
When the bottle of cognac was almost completely emptied, it was not very interesting to just drink and talk, and I offered to play some game.
There were very few people, so we stopped at poker.

Unanimously decided to play on the desire, because for the money I personally strongly oppose to play.

At first, as always, in principle, the desires were very simple, such as jumping on one leg, show the pose of a lion, etc.
It was fun.
We parted so that having won, Katerina asked us to remove everything from ourselves except for jeans. girls stripping on webcam
“It’s harmless!” I thought.
Nikita was surprised at this, did what they asked for, but as I understood later, I took it in my own way and, after winning, asked the losers, t.
us with Katyusha, kiss a big whale.
We got up from the table, embraced and merged into a long French kiss.

From the contact of our bodies in the groin area, I was covered with a voluptuous wave and my hands began to stroke the spouse’s body through the dress.
One hand on autopilot slipped on an elastic round ass, and the other went to the top hills of the third size.
Even through the dress, I felt the heat emanating from Katya’s body.
She closed her eyes in pleasure, and at some point I glanced at Nikita.
He reveled in this spectacle, but in jeans he was treacherously bulging.
I felt that the evening would end according to my plan.
When I won, my request was a game in which we Kate were blindfolded and had to randomly change to touch her, and she had to guess who touched her.
Card debt is sacred, so everyone immediately rushed to fulfill my desire.
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