how to become a male webcam model So, I took some pillows and put them in the middle of the bed.
Ksyusha laid down on their tummy and unluckily sticking out her sweet ass, as if inviting to take possession of it.
I did not hesitate.
For the first time in my life, I will lick the anus, although I myself experience this almost every day.

This thought excited me and pushed me to a new experiment.
I climbed into bed with my daughter and sat above her ass.
Oh, how charming she is.
I could not resist and began to kiss her literally passionately.
Then I gently parted the two elastic halves of Ksyushenoy ass.
My eyes appeared virgin, pink anus of my crumb.
He was tense and tightly closed.
I gently touched his tongue.
Warm, heard the smell of lavender after enemas.
There are no longer any obstacles in front of me and the secret paradise entrance to the holy of holies of my young girl.
Once she relaxes, the cherished gates to this unknown space will open slightly.
Finally, the baby succumbed to the temptation.

She made a return motion with her ass to meet my lips and loosened the anus.
I felt it right away.
My tongue was able to stick a little deeper into the narrow hole.
I began to produce circular movements around the anal hole, as if expanding it.
Ksyusha was liking this idea.
She increasingly answered me with her oncoming movements, as if prompting an increase in pressure.
I understood this and tried to caress the entire crotch of my daughter.
I heard her starting to breathe faster.
So she is also good, like me in such moments.
Instinctively, her vagina began to moisten, welcoming the pleasure.
Without noticing, the hand of my girl slipped under the pillow, to the little clitoris, and began to pull at it.
Perhaps the first orgasm of my daughter in life was approaching.
Sensing this, I stopped oral sex, licked my index finger and gently inserted it into Ksyushin anus.
My girl finished, nervously scratching her clit and making soft moans. how to become a male webcam model
During orgasm, I persistently moved my finger like a piston in her ass, despite the desire of the anus to push him out of myself.

Yes, I almost came from such bed games.
I took my finger out of Ksyusha’s ass and fell on the bed.
My daughter turned to me and rolled onto her back.
A bright smile glittered on her face, satisfaction overwhelmed her mind.
My baby was pleased with the caressed and quietly said: “Thank you mommy.”
I was extremely happy that she positively perceived such bedding.
Now we will deal with them regularly.
I have a real ally.
However, first you need to Ksyusha learned to bring pleasure to me.
Then I will not meet with strangers in search of new anal sensations.
My daughter and I will be able to experiment ourselves, and it is much more diverse.
But that was later, and at that moment I wanted only one thing – to get me fucked in the ass.
I told Xenia about this and told me to fulfill all my whims.
For starters, I wanted her to lick my ass, just like I did to her a few minutes ago.
I knelt on the edge of the bed, bent delicately and exhibited my ass.
Ksyusha also knelt, only on the floor.

She wrapped her arms around my gorgeous ass and began to lick his tongue.
I groaned.
My anus maximally relaxed and let in her daughter’s mischievous tongue.
She turned out to be a real craftswoman and tried to penetrate my ass as deeply as possible.
I didn’t even expect such an insistence from her.
She literally stuck to my anus, forming a vacuum in it and playing with her tongue.
What unthinkable pleasure.
I all flowed.
Just like a daughter, I started pulling my clit and soon finished.
But I was not enough.
I demanded the continuation of such caresses and for literally twenty minutes I experienced three more voluptuous orgasms.
And this is just the beginning.
After a half-hour oral-anal attack, I wanted to experience a feeling of fullness in my ass.
I told my daughter to take the cream, lubricate my anus and my hand with it.
Obedient girl fulfilled all my requirements.
Now I am ready to penetrate.
Ksyusha began to introduce her fingers into the anus.
First one, then two, three, and so the whole hand.

She quickly found herself in the bowels of my magic ass.
This is incredible.
I still had no one hand entirely.
And so it happened.
My Ksyusha penetrated deeper and deeper and I was in seventh heaven with happiness.
The ass dutifully took the hand of my girl.
I was moaning, I was incredibly good.
She was massaging me from the inside, like a real artiste, forcing me to moan loudly and wag with pleasure my ass.
I continued to flow like a street whore who was raped at the same time and in the ass.
My hand, meanwhile, ended up in the vagina and met through the thin septum with the hand of my daughter making unimaginable movements in my ass.
how to become a male webcam model