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– Sweet.
– We demand from the government to explain why negotiations with the Muscovites were so stupidly failed!

Why do we buy gas for money, and not pick it up for free, as usual? Why is President Drushchenko completely ignoring the obvious facts? We demand to initiate an investigation into the corruption in the upper echelon.

A speaker at the parliamentary rostrum shook his hands and clucked convulsively, splashing the front rows with smelly saliva.
The deputies frowned, wiped the spray sleeves, some quietly cursed.
Always this asshole from the BYuT will spit everybody! Deputy Gonobulkin was famous for his sweaty bryl, immoderation in bribes and huge eggs that bulged out of both pockets.
However, evil tongues claimed that in reality the pockets were clogged with dirty socks, both their own and those of others.
Gonobulkin was also distinguished by his incredible stinginess and hoarding.
Yulia Tymoshenko threw a slender leg on his leg and smiled.
Her famous braid glowed like a golden nimbus.
– Hard fuck her deputy for the faction!

Just like Cicero.
Or a dial tone? It doesn’t matter if the voters are paying attention to the real Orange.
Like, fighters for national wealth.
Nothing that Julia herself hapnula from this wealth not one hundred limonchikov.
These are little things.
FIG prove.
– A representative of the Our Vilna Hohlyandiya faction, deputy Rasperdishchenko, is called.
Another hog farted, got up from his familiar place and, holding his pants, headed for the “liberty analog”.
From there he began to broadcast in a shrill voice about the machinations of his enemies and the machinations of his political rivals.
Thunderous slogans rushed into the dull room to vomit – “We will not allow to mess !.
“Julia suddenly felt zasverbilo in the ass.
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