multi webcam video recorder free “Zai, not now, it’s time for me to go to school for the little ones,” I tried to hide behind an apologetic smile.
His eyebrow rose questioningly – he was not used to hearing no from me, but his eyes were still full of merry boyish mischief: – I provided for everything: I called the school and warned me to take him to the curriculum, so we have at least three hours with you , to be together.
Are you not happy – he looked at me like a cat on a cornered, quivering mouse. webcam teen show
Suspicion and familiar steel appeared in the eyes.

– I.
I do not want to play today, – I stammered, I squeezed out, and lowered my head.
This gesture of mine instantly put everything in its place: it betrayed me.
I was always amazed at how my dear, affectionate and so malleable husband in everyday life, quickly threw off the guise of complacency, turning into a cold, shrill and despotic tyrant in our bedroom.
His face turned to stone, his eyebrows met on the bridge of his nose, and his hands still wandering through my body, suddenly turned into iron tongs.
– What do you mean? – his voice, cold as ice, cut through my strained nerves, – Do you want to cancel our contract? multi webcam video recorder free