nassau bahamas port cam If you already have one point, and you got two points, you can withdraw from the opponent, for example, a jacket or a bra.
– accumulate.
Suppose your opponent has already lost beads and blouses, but remains in her shoes and bra.
You have thrown out four marvelous eagles, against her pitiful treasure.

You could force her to take off his shoes, but you want more, and leave yourself two points, hoping that she, demoralized by your confidence, will throw at least three eagles, and you will make her show her beautiful nipples.
Points must be used entirely without a “shortage” or “brute force.”
If your opponent does not have a thing (or things) that is “standing” (or “standing in the amount”) as much as you have accumulated points, you cannot undress him.
If only panties are left on the girl, and you have accumulated three points, you cannot undress her (panties are “valued” at four points).

If only a bra remains on the girl (assuming that the panties have already been removed), and you have accumulated two, and two more points, you also cannot undress her, because no point should remain “underused.” longest webcam porn
You can “punish” a partner even if the coin has not fallen five times in the way that is best for you.
To do this, you also need to accumulate points.
While the partner is not stripped, “Touch” is worth two points, “Feel” – three, “Squeal” – four and “Hit” five points.
You can punish the “partner” as many times as you like, but only if you have already punished him with all the easier ways.
Therefore, returning to the previous example, if only a bra remains on the girl, and you have four points, wait for the first successful series of coin flips for you.

If you add one point, you will immediately undress the poor thing, and even execute punishment A, that is, waiting for her to pull off her bra, put your palms right on her hot nipples (but look, do not move your fingers, or the fine ).
But if you add two points, and you haven’t “punished” the girl today, then with all your six points you will not be able to do anything with the girl.
Offensively? And even more offensive if you score more than eight points.
This is a “fatal brute force”, the points are burned, and the player, who has carefully saved them, is left with nothing, or rather with the hope of all the same coin.
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