nassau cruise cam Ruslan escorts the winner at the airport, catching a barely audible phrase – see you in Oslo.
They agreed to meet, and this meeting will not take long to wait.
The tale does not end, it is just beginning.
– Hello.

– Slightly opening the door, the girl looked into the office.
– Hello.
You probably have a new secretary? Come on then.
– Pavel pointed the girl to the chair in front of his table.
The girl was in a business suit of a light beige color, high-heeled shoes.
Her hair was tied back, in a bun, and there were glasses on the tip of her nose, so that she could not look over them, not bending too much.
It seemed to the young boss that she was a little older than him, but this time he was no longer embarrassed.
He is already tired of these stupid, eighteen-year-old girls who don’t know anything.
And how they were outraged when he offered them sex.
Here are fools.
This time, Pavel even explained to a comrade in the personnel department that he would immediately hint the candidates that they would have to provide the chief with sexual services, not in the questionnaire of course.

So they called him and said that they had found a man for him.
But this time, let him not pick and choose, even if he is the son of the plant director.
The guy, without getting up from his chair, looked at the girl with a rating glance.
He liked her slim figure.
He said that she sat down, and he got up and, bypassing the table, walked over to her.
– What’s your name? – Masha.
And you Pavel Ignatievich? – Yes.
I watched your profile.
It suits me.
Here is just one.
Have you been told to have to sleep with me sometimes? – hinted.
I see nothing complicated in this, especially since I myself really like sex.
And if this is still reflected in earnings, then I will also take the initiative. camera hotel sex
“- Wow.
What a brazen “- thought Paul.
Leaning on his booty to the edge of the table, he looked down, straight into the eyes of the girl.
And she, without embarrassment, looked up at him, over her glasses.
– By the way, if you need Pavel Ignatievich, you need a blowjob at the beginning of the working day, then I am ready to make it for you.

Or is it coffee? – Nn-no, better blowjob.
– Paul said, already in a trembling voice.
Masha, without hesitation, in her businesslike manner, unbuttoned her trousers to the boss, let them down.
Then she lowered her panties.
– Wow, cocoa handsome.
– She said when the released member began to sway in front of her face from side to side.
– plump such.
I love big cocks.
Paul really had the dignity of a very impressive size.
He already realized that nothing should be surprised with the new secretary and just give in to sensations.
Leaning his hands on the table cloth, he looked with delight at the action unfolding at his groin.
And what could be there? Masha, taking palm for the middle of the member, gently jerked him, moving the skin on it.
She smacked her glittering head, leaving a trace of lipstick on it.
Then she took the head with her lips and, without ceasing to masturbate, sucked her.

From such caresses, a member of Paul instantly took the martial status, and now Masha’s mouth slid along its entire length.
It was evident that she liked to suck dick, as she did it with diligence and pleasure, sometimes smacking and looking up into the eyes of the boss.
Her palms caressed his balls, thighs, buttocks.
The guy looked at the knees and hips of the girl, who was leaning out from under the highly skirt skirt, with interest.
They were very beautiful and exciting.
He was ready to pour out the sperm, so easily and skillfully she aroused him.
Pavel tried to delay the ejaculation, but the buzz was immeasurable and now he, already sniffing with pleasure, began to cum, spraying semen directly into her sucking mouth.
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) The fact that Masha did not recoil, but on the contrary began to swallow his sperm, only supplemented the bouquet of pleasure and the guy who drowned in the caresses of the secretary’s mouth melted blissfully.

To reality, he was returned to the voice of a girl who lifted her pants and trousers, busily fastening his pants to him.
– Good! Now maybe coffee? – wiping a drop of sperm with a finger from her lips, she turned to the boss.
– Hmmm.
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