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Meet the fate!
– Uh-uh.
uh uh

Needless to say that I slept that night is not important.
I woke up and listened to what was happening in my parents’ bedroom, but I could not hear anything.
In the end, the fatigue took its toll and I fell into oblivion.
In the middle of the night, it was as if my mother’s disturbed voice woke me up: – No! What else are you thinking ?! – Well, Step, hold her, I’m going for Antoshka, – said the grandfather.
– Nooooo !!! – there was a crying of my mother breaking to cry.
Then he heard blows of palms on cheeks and hoarse bass of Uncle Stepan: – Shut up whore! In life, you need to try everything.
My grandfather looked into my bedroom: – Anton, I know that you are not sleeping and you hear everything.
let’s go to.
show you what.
I stand up on the bed and follow my grandfather to the parent’s bedroom, watching on the road as his back glistening in the dark sweat drops.
he lights the light.
My mother is completely naked in her marital bed, and a fat and bald uncle Stepan, who is also naked, claps her mouth with one hairy hand, and the other holds her hands, while trying to unclench her tightly closed mother’s knees with her foot.
– Kicks, bitch! Come on, Wan, together, – he turns to his grandfather.

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My grandfather lays down on the other side of my mother and helps to immobilize her completely, fixing her mother’s legs in the extended position.
I slowly pull off my panties, exposing my excited cock and begin to approach my mother in some kind of frenzy.
– Mmmmmm !!! – she moos, trying to get rid of holding her hands, but in vain.
Her eyes look scared and appealing to me, but I am adamant.
I attach my instrument to her squatting womb and drive it there with all my strength, looking as her beautiful chest rises from the frequent breathing.
I literally slip between her thighs over velvety skin, forgetting myself in sweet languor.
a little away from the first buzz and rising in his arms, I suddenly see that the grandfather and his friend no longer hold her, but squeeze her breasts, and she alternately sucks with them, caressing their swelling limbs with their hands.
Seeing such a picture, I begin to finish, pouring out the sea of ​​my seed into it.
I woke up from the fact that my swimming trunks were wet.
I quickly realized that it was the wet loss caused by my dream.
Finding what had already dawned, I changed my underpants and decided, nevertheless, to look into the parent’s bedroom and, as carefully as possible, fearing the slightest rustle, I opened the door a little there.

What I saw there almost made me faint.
On the bed of my parents lay my mother in an embrace with Uncle Stepan, throwing his leg on him! A grandfather, lie on her other side, putting his hand on her thigh.
However, they were completely naked and not covered with a blanket or a sheet! Then my mother stirred a little and I rushed headlong into my room, burying myself there under a blanket.
Having calmed down a little, I began to listen and heard how my mother slowly got out of bed and with the words: “God, what did I do yesterday!”, Putting on her robe, went into the bath.
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