russian mature amateur webcam Then she moved her palms to my head with the words, “well, please, dear, below, below.
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“I started handing me towards my pussy with the effort of a hand.
Getting close to her pubis, with a strong movement, I tore up her panties.

The wife always comes in extreme excitement from the manifestation of brute force masculine.
Having reached her pussy, I began to passionately kiss her sex lips.
You can dedicate whole poems to the lips of my wife.
They are divine.
Always very well-groomed, gentle, pouring on the excitement of Irina.
I myself just bastard, sucking and nibbling them, moving on the clitoris and licking it with long strong movements.
From such affection wife begins to rush under me, trying to escape.
Through moans asks me to pity her and stop.
I love very much, caressing my pussy with my lips and tongue, to bring a woman to a state close to fainting, when both her arms and legs no longer obey her, and she enters a long and non-stop orgasm.

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Sometimes after such orgasms, Irisha shuts off for 10-15 minutes.
The first time it happened, I was very scared and ran for sal ammoniac.
When Irina came to herself, she tried to hit me.
When I grabbed her arm and asked, “What, did the roof go?”, She replied, fiercely looking me straight in the eyes, that she almost died of pleasure and was very frightened.
I promised her then not to do it again, but I have been doing this for several years now and always getting high, looking at how she flies away, begging me to stop again and again.
And this time she began to bend with the force and try to push my head away from her treasure.
I myself was so excited and I had a member so strong that I decided to make an exception, stopped licking her pussy and raised myself up over Irochka, looking her straight in the eyes.

When she moved her tender fingers to my handsome, I closed my eyes from pleasure.
My wife has very gentle hands, long and tender fingers.
I love it very much when she starts to cheat on me, always fly away from it.
A couple of times ottyanuv skin and making sure that the member is firmly standing, Irochka sent him to his cave.
As soon as the tip of my head, I felt her pussy, I forced the member into the vagina of my wife, reaching the uterus.
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