skype cannot detect my webcam The door will be open, I need to enter, get into the corridor, turn right, there will be a bath where I have to undress completely, put on my aprons, grab the Stranger’s panties and then proceed to the room where I will be expected.
I will receive further orders on the spot.
In the indicated place I was at seven o’clock in the evening.
As I understood it, it was a rented apartment.

Accurately following all instructions, I appeared before the stranger.
Again, like the first time, I experienced a cocktail of feelings, in which thrill prevailed.
The stranger was alone in the room, the music was playing, the stranger was sitting in a chair with her eyes slightly closed.
Next to her was a table on which was a glass of martini, a bottle stood nearby.
The room smelled of Her perfume.
There was a white transparent dressing gown on my lady, under which lace white linen was viewed.
White sandals with high heels adorned her legs.
– Come on in.
Brought my panties?

she asked, slightly opening her eyes.
– Yes, here they are.
– I raised my hands, showing my stranger panties.
– Give them here.
I walked over and stretched my panties.
Slightly having considered their stranger put her panties on the table.
– I’m tired and I want you to massage my legs.
– said the stranger, and stayed in a chair.
I had no choice but to kneel in front of her.
Taking in her leg, I involuntarily admired this beauty.
I took turns in sandals and started the massage.
He gently stretched his feet, massaged each finger.
A stranger saw a martini and enjoyed the game she had invented. skype cannot detect my webcam
“Don’t you like my legs?” “I like them very much,” I replied, embarrassed.
“Why don’t you kiss them?” I want you to massage me with your lips.
– a stranger said a little capriciously.
Oh, what a bliss, I am allowed to kiss the legs.
With great desire I began to cover them with kisses.
Starting from the ankles, I went to the feet, kissed each finger on one, then on the second leg.

Emboldened, I began to suck fingers, penetrate between the tongues of the fingers.
It was amazing when the stranger’s leg lay on my face.
This is more tender than sex.
Oh, what a pleasure.
We had fun together.
Such affection lasted quite a long time.
The stranger, unable to restrain herself, began to squeeze her breasts, slightly pinching her nipples through the thin fabric, then her hand reached for her panties.
Well-groomed fingers began to caress pussy.
Oh, how I wanted to cover her again with kisses.
But I knew my place and did only what was allowed to me.
From my caresses and from his hands Stranger received an orgasm.
Reeling and groaning she relaxed.
At the same time I continued to kiss her legs.
After a while, she said: – Enough.
Stand up
I have risen.
By the time I flowed like a girl, standing in a translucent apron from the eyes of a stranger, it did not escape.
“Like a girl,” she seemed to read my words.
– Come on, turn around.
I turned around showing my ass.
– Take my sandals and put them on.

Turn your ass to me.
I executed her order.
The stranger admired my ass, which rose from behind the heels and became rounder.
– Walk.
I defaced the room.
– Take off your sandals.
You are free.
In the bathroom you can finish.
– Said the stranger sipping martini from the glass.
I caressed myself without removing the apron.
Oh, what an orgasm! I left happy, in full confidence that the Stranger had already drawn up a plan for our next meeting.
Showing my not small working pussy.
They undressed me completely and put me on cancer.
Then Olka fell asleep – she had already been fucked for two hours.
And they fucked me in full, including at the same time.
They fucked me first, in turn, in the ass and in the pussy, then one put in my ass, and the other in my pussy.
Then he offered to call his friends, and I am always not against cheerful company.
They changed, fucked me very hard, squeezed my boobs, hands fucked in the ass and cunt.
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