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) – These guys are working in the “Red Cross”, – the taxi driver suddenly intervened, – do not worry, they are regularly checked.
And the wife decided to take a chance, without even asking me, she just stood with cancer in front of them, and an orgy began.

They fucked her two by two, in her mouth and pussy, constantly replacing each other.
A couple of times someone finished in her, took out a member and inserted it into her mouth so that she would lick his dick.
Natasha was like a sex addict who received a dose in two holes at once, she moaned, squirmed, sometimes she was hurt, but the feeling of a huge cock in her pussy smoothed it all out.
And now my wife is lying on the bedspread, tired and well fucked, I would even say, professionally.
All the face filled with sperm, but the same taxi driver again did not lose his head, after all quickly took off his pants and put his dick into the wet vagina, a couple of movements and a sperm volcano poured into my spouse, just 2 minutes before the New Year.

I took out a bottle of champagne from the cooler bag, poured 8 groceries, first handed it to my beloved, and distributed the rest to the guys, and we all drank to the wonderful meeting of NG, after which they left immediately, and we were left alone on a deserted beach, lit only by the moon, which at this time of year is unusually beautiful here.
Natasha beckoned me with her finger and passionately kissed me, said that I lay down, I sat on my face with a pussy and said: – Honey, until you lick my pussy clean, no one will go swimming !.
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We went to Saratov on business.
We decided to go to visit them overnight.
We had a doubt whether swing should be engaged.
We decided to just spend the night at their place.
It was already dark and the fog started.
Came to him.
My wife went to the bath for a swim, after I went.

Laid on the table.
I did not drink.
We sat having dinner, the couple and my wife drank wine.
After a while, my wife left the table and went to rinse her hands.
A couple of minutes left the table and the hostess.
We stayed at the table with the owner.
We sat talking.
Five minutes later I heard the first sexual moan, after a while the moans began to be heard more often.
My host and I went in the direction of the groans.
Opened the door.
His wife was lying on the bed on her back, and the hostess, settling down between her legs, made her cunnilingus.
The host and I joined them.
Our wives are disconnected.
Wife joined the owner and put him on his back climbed on him and started in the pose of a rider to have sex with him.
The mistress joined me.
Started kissing me.
My neck, chest belly, and also knocking me down saddled me.
My host and I finished pretty quickly.
We got up to wash and get some rest.
Having a little rest, they moved to the bedroom again.
Long fucked in various poses and with changing wives.

One time we stayed three.
me and the owners
I was lying on my back.
Mistress on me, and the owner went into her anus.
Very pleasant feeling when another member rubs against your member through a thin partition.
But for a long time she could not stand a member in her anus and we are disconnected.
After they had finished, the four of them sat in the kitchen and had a snack.
The owner took my wife to another room.
After a while, groans and creaking beds were heard.
It was here that I had a slight feeling of jealousy, but also excitement.
After drinking tea with the hostess decided to join them.
Entering the room saw that they had already finished.
The owner had already got out of bed, and his wife was spreading her legs and was very pleased.
The hostess decided to go for a smoke, and I attached to my wife from above.
Imagining that she had just fucked another man, it really got me.
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