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Funny turn of events! Almost like in my world, but vice versa.
I wonder what happened here between Igor and Emma? I told Hans in passing to find out from the servants what the conflict was about.
It turns out that when Igor cleaned the bathroom, he moved all the cream to the other side of the table, and this was the beginning of a scandal.

Slave got on the first number.
After the story of Hans, I was no longer surprised by what I saw when I came to the police station.
The male part of the staff unquestioningly obeyed their superiors – women.
But there were slaves among them, just as there were free men among men.
Amazing mixture of slave system and matriarchy.
The police were surprised that a man had attacked me – for such a society such a crime was not natural.
But the same thing happened in my world.
And his search is conducted here, where everything is turned upside down.
I doubted they would find that guy.
According to the theory of parallel worlds that I encountered, I had to unconsciously myself understand what we have in common and what is different.
Each of us has our twin.
The identities of twins in each world have approximately similar qualities.

All the same, my striker was found, he turned out to be a man who somehow grew up in complete isolation from this society. avateylar free webcam
According to him, he got lost, then when he saw a woman, he decided to find out where he is.
A common question from a man who, according to local laws, did not dare, to speak to a woman first, led that Emma into a rage, and she struck him.
I received a change.
In my opinion the normal male reaction of a wild man.
At trial, I asked as a punishment to take the criminal back to where he grew up.
This caused a heated debate, but in the end, my request was granted.
Gradually, I got used to the new life.
Hans became my personal slave, but I bought two more, for a change.
Igor, I sold at auction.
Oh, this is an amazing event, maybe somehow I will write about it.
“Someone else’s soul is dark, but by lighting them we can fix a lot.
From the author.
I do not know how it happened.
This is not my topic, but the characters behaved like they did.
I was sitting on the sofa, completely naked, and she, leaning over the side, caressed my dick with her hot tongue.
On the cheeks brightly alela traces of slaps.
Not very skillfully, with loud sniffing, smacking and indistinct mooing, but diligently she caressed my second self.

This alone was necessary and sufficient for my being here.
And also her so tender and big breasts, her nipples with dark halos around, rubbing against my thigh.
This occupation, coupled with the fact that this will follow, excited desire and uplifted.
I know very well that she wanted this.
Only she hardly dared to make it to her husband, even if he insisted.
But I also know that she wants more.
And she will receive it according to the contract.
Everything is elementary simple and still immeasurably difficult.
Order It all started with a regular phone call.
Called the client.
She asked: “How are you in time?”
I was surprised.
According to all the canons, she should have appealed to me no sooner than in six months, or even forget about my existence altogether.
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