teen webcam soles He did not look at her, and she realized that he was also a little worried.
And that was why: they went to present her as a bride to the groom’s father.
Very important person.
Being in a prestigious university in the budget department, thanks to good abilities, she did not rush headlong into the whirlpool of student life, as a fellow student.

She perceived getting into a potential urban elite as an opportunity.
like a lot of opportunities.
And slowly looked around.
And she began to choose.
Fortunately, it was from whom.
The clever men, just like herself, who came here by chance, who studied budget and well, did not interest her.
The long way up is tedious and unpredictable.
Zlata needed predictability and reliability.
Nimble guys who loved to hang out and are irregularly in high school, also did not attract her.
They had a long time to process and indulge their way of life, which she did not smile.

She was not born a crazy lover of an easy life.
She needed a cross between lack of character and obedience.
And, of course, dreamed of some sympathy.
She spotted Leonid right away.
Not too talkative, unsympathetic, thin, stooped, moderately successful, studied in a parallel group.
Many students knew each other before entering, studying in the same prestigious gymnasiums, attending the same pompous sections and clubs, expensive resorts with their parents, and after that without them.
That is, they formed something like a closed community, where they get, thanks to the connections and money of the popes.
And where did Zlata go?
Leonid was on a friendly foot with all the money student get-together, but because of his inherent slowness and drowsiness did not disappear headlong like some. webcam scat videos
“Probably notorious,” Zlata decided, and looked closer at him.
His outfit and money were at a good level: the son of a businessman and an official – she found out.

Observing how inelegant and somewhat baggy he gets into an expensive car and taxiing out of the university campus filled with beautiful cars without dashing, she began to make plans.
They began to be friends from the 2nd course, having met at a lecture that he did not miss.
Zlata elegantly sank next to him on the bench and nicely asked to call, thinking of the lack of a phone.
Word for word – they visited the buffet together, found out that they both do not smoke, try to master the guitar (Zlata lied here), they love videos and movies (again they lied).
The girl pretended not to notice the presence of a certain girlfriend, who was constantly spinning alongside and who would sit down at his lectures.
She was still a child friend, a daughter of someone close.
“Too scatty, too,” Zlata determined, smiling affably at her.
She initially had more chances: an attractive face, a very short haircut “like a boy” with multi-colored strands that walked to her, a slender feminine figure with a thin waist and a rounded ass, a seductive high, small chest.

The girlfriend’s child was thin and flat, like Leonid; They looked harmoniously together.
True, she had an expensive, but tasteless (to Zlata’s opinion) outfit and an expensive car.
But with a charming and intelligent girl failed.
Zlata increasingly honored the flimsy young man with her precious attention, turning on meaningless trivia, sitting down at his lectures and talking at breaks.
Soon they seemed to be friends.
A girlfriend with a hurt face less often hung around, and the guy himself believed that he was interested in a pretty classmate.
Imperceptibly, they began to meet first in companies, then together, he took her to the university, after – home, it was the turn of weekends and holidays.
Closer to him, Zlata understood that he was comfortable and comfortable in everyday life.
He had no bad habits, he was undemanding, not easy-thinking, not jealous and not too shrewd.

He loved to be cared for, praised and somehow organized due to the almost complete lack of initiative.
What Zlata quickly understood and became necessary.
Like a mother.
For 2-3 years of their relationship, she found out everything about him and finally decided to bet on him.
In addition, he was not disgusted with her, and this is important in the future relative.
The fact that they never reached the intima, a little disturbed her.
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