usb 2 0 uvc webcam But where is she against a drunken bull ?.
What to do? Would take him for a fat nape, yes a muzzle about a wall! Oh battery! Do not force a woman, a nasal, even if it is your wife! Probably the most reasonable thing to leave.
Awkward position.
From the room could hear Vitka’s heavy breathing and the creaking of the bed.

Need to leave.
Otherwise it will be inconvenient for everyone.
And can pretend not to hear anything? Make coffee.
Won bank, coffee maker.
You, they say, something changed for a long time, I was here to manage.
And then I realized that I just don’t want — for some reason I don’t want to — go to my apartment.
Apartment reminds.
Well, stop it quick.
– clearly came the whisper of Svetka.
So, she expects to come to me, as if nothing had happened? To drink coffee.
Interesting – she thinks I should leave? Or sure you can’t hear anything? No, not such a fool.
Everyone knows what audibility in panel apartments.

Feet higher.
– Vitek moaned.
And again: Well, quickly.
Obviously Sveta expects to catch me in the kitchen.
Still uncomfortable.
“Kiss through the glass!”.
Really – make coffee? I lit the gas and poured three spoons of top ground coffee in the Turk.
The aroma pleasantly tickled my nostrils, but then I remembered another smell.
Itched his head.
“You, when you scratch the back of your head, look like a dork,” Lenka said.
From the room, Vitka wheezed, interspersed with moans.
The dynamic load on the bed has increased incredibly.
How come – you need to pretend that nothing special.
And by the way, and really – what’s wrong with that? Husband wife.
one satan.
And if not for the husband and wife – so what? Would it be something special? Svetka, crumpled, disheveled and almost naked, flashed past the kitchen in an open short robe. usb 2 0 uvc webcam
“Sorry,” came her muffled voice from the bathroom, “he has a hangover.”
Give me a woman!

And then.
sleeping again
You wait.
i am now
Now she will do all the necessary procedures, and we will have a cup of coffee, – I turned off the gas, – it’s just ready! And everything will be as usual.
But she is unlikely to seduce me now.
Yes and.
thank God! When Sveta appeared all in the same short robe, I poured coffee into cups, like a real one.
Who? Bartender? Waiter? What is it? Fool, who instead of leaving ?.
Now it will definitely sleep until morning, – the woman seemed completely uncomfortable with the piquancy of the situation.
I, trying to look calm, gesture invited her to the table.
Before sitting down, Sveta looked at the kitchen mirror.
Had to wash! Obmusolil all drunk beast! – the make-up was really absent, and this, oddly enough, gave the woman a childlike defenseless look.
The lack of “war paint” as it says – that’s what I really, without embellishment.
do not splurge.

don’t embellish yourself.
In general, the spontaneity of Svetka, slightly dumbfounded.
Just now, her in the next room.
And nothing! Or maybe it’s me – a fool? I was embarrassed.
What are you thinking? Drink coffee – cool! You kind of flushed slightly? Hot with us? It is necessary to open the window, and the woman, hitting me with a hard, hot thigh, reached for the window.
Damn it! In addition to the robe on it was nothing! No, it’s time to go home.
to yourself.
to take a shower.
lie down in the bathroom.
Not blowing? – Svetka.
I made several passes over my head, like a psychic checking a patient for an aura or something else.
Nothing, nothing.
I resolutely finished my coffee, cleared my throat.
but she already sat on my lap.
And, not chastely – sideways, but jumped like an experienced rider on a young stallion – on horseback! The floors of the dressing gown naturally diverged.
My throat closed again.

And for some reason it became very hot.
Head flared like she was shoved into the oven.
His cheeks probably burned so that one could light a cigarette.
– I said woodenly, – I have to go.
Do you want to go to bed ?.
Next to her husband.
– but, noticing the horror in my eyes, she laughed and added, “Okay, let’s go to another room.”
In the evening, Lenka returned and began to tell the boring details of the life of her mother and, therefore, of my mother-in-law.
I do not know how others, but I live with my mother-in-law quite well.
Maybe because – far away? Listening to Lenka, I remembered: if you want to see your wife in thirty years, look at your mother-in-law.
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