webcam free my But she just nodded silently, without even looking at me.
“I was still quite small,” I remarked, as if deliberately picking a dirty finger at an open wound.
“From what? That was definitely superfluous.”
“The look of hunger,” she whispered indifferently, cutting the onion into two halves and holding out one to me.

I had a lump in my throat, and I automatically took a simple treat from her hands.
What hunger? Just two weeks ago, all the newspapers rang about what a magnificent wheat harvest this year, how the bins of the Motherland fill with record rates, how.
This is what happens – that’s the price.
?- And husband? – I asked almost in a whisper, swallowing hard with a lump.
– Visors, – but her voice has not changed.
She brought her half to her lips and, sighed heavily, bit off the bitter flesh, without even wincing.
And here something broke in me, and as if the veil fell from my eyes.
I decided that she was an old woman, but in fact in front of me was a young woman who had aged the time and famine before her.

I got up from the chair, took her cheeks in my hands and looked into her eyes.
In this faint grayness, in its very depths, a bright blue sea was splashing, sparkling in the sun’s rays.
A crimson blush flared on his cheeks that had turned gray from tears, and his thin, wrinkled lips turned pink.
I suddenly saw how beautiful she was before, before all this.
From under a black kerchief, a strand of golden hair burnt out, burning no worse than church candles.
I rubbed it with my fingertips, went down to my hollow cheek, only slightly touching thin dry skin, and pressed my lips to it.
He slipped his tongue over them – they opened up like the gates of paradise open before the righteous.
I just pulled away from her.
The corners of her lips barely noticeably went up, but this forced little smile was not what I wanted to see. kitty webcam girl
I picked her up like a baby and carried her to the bench.
He pulled off her dress, in passing covering the emaciated bony body with kisses, caressing the flabby saggy breasts, which from my touches became more and more elastic and pleasant to the touch.

And he, meanwhile, knelt at her convulsively compressed legs.
One hint – and this gate also opened before me, passing me to the most treasured treasure.
I put my lips to her heart, which, contrary to my expectations, smelled of cleanliness.
She moaned softly, leaning towards me, scratching the cover with her thin fingers and tangling in my hair.
I kissed her gently, fiddling with a small pea and feeling its slightly sweet taste on my lips.
And she arched and moaned louder.
Finally, she tensed for the last time, almost pressing my head into her skinny thighs, howled and went limp, breathing heavily.
I got to my feet, unbuttoned my belt, and hastily pulled off my trousers with my boots, then threw her legs on the bench, climbed up from above and slowly entered my bosom already heated by my tongue.
She just whimpered softly, but she did not try to stop me or push me away.
I looked into her half-closed eyes – they glowed blue from under lowered eyelashes.

Her cheeks were burning with such a fierce blush that I, without hesitation, entered her at once to its full length.
Her thighs slammed into mine, but I didn’t pay the slightest attention to it – I was already withdrawing, gaining acceleration for the second jump.
The next blow made her arch her back and howl.
Tears glittered on her crimson cheeks.
I almost went out again, listening as her womb closed with a pleasant champ.
If I had not seen the cradle, I would never have believed that she was giving birth.
And again the blow – tears a torrential stream irrigated her cheeks, flowing on her golden hair, scattering on the bed, and on her scarf.
I leaned back again.
“Here,” she whispered, flashing the blue sea from under her thick eyelashes.
Another blow.
She screamed.
And the corners of her lips rushed up, breaking the clay mask of pain and indifference.
Another blow.
Scream louder.
The smile is wider – now it is not tortured, not painful.
She is real.
Another blow – she wraps her arms around my shoulders, earlier hanging lifelessly from the edges of the shop, presses me to her and kisses me hotly on the lips, penetrating my tongue almost as deep as I penetrated her hot, bleeding womb.

And her hair burned with pure gold in the light of church candles, and behind the dirty curtain God happily laughed.
I was moving faster and faster, she was moving towards me.
I pressed against her more and more tightly, and she to me.
Our tongues intertwined, and the light cast bizarre shadows on the darkened walls of damp.
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