webcam golden bay You just said thank you for the shoes.
We are going to a sex shop.
The same procedure.
Margo enters an empty room, now dark.

On a low couch laid out stockings and a few ribbon rolls.
First, I make the girl wear stockings.
Red, in the mesh.
The elastic band is latex tape, tightly covering the thigh, so that it digs into the delicate skin.
Panties are three ribbons.
There is no fabric, only a ribbon, and opposite the crotch there is a shiny chain.
I put them on my captive myself.
Margo clings to my shoulder as I kneel in front of her.
Stepping over the shoes, nice feet.
Pulling up the panties up the long legs, I do not hold and lick a corner of her pussy.
Finally the panties are dressed.
Actually, the girl is just naked, only now there are two bands on the hips, between the buttocks, a ribbon over the pubis.
I carefully insert the chain between the delicate lips.
And several times I move it back and forth.
Ribbed chain rubs against the velvety flesh along the entire length of the cunt – on the lips, on the clitoris.
Comes the turn of the bra.
He, too, is a set of tapes.
In the center of each strapless – small balls ring.
I insert the nipples in the rings and tighten the loop.
Then reduce the straps, pulling up full breasts by the nipples up.

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Making Margo walk.
I went up, just pull up the improvised panties up.
She again passes in front of me.
I nod in satisfaction.
Now the chain between the sponge crawls and rubs.
The breasts sway, half suspended on the rings of balls for the nipples.
Should I thank you now for your new purchase? But how! And of course in the account of hearts it will not work? Smart girl! I shift the chain, check readiness.
Margo is flowing.
I rub the grease on the naked pubis.
I attract to myself.
We kiss.
I order her to suck her tongue.
With a gently sucking tongue in a sweet mouth, I rub with my thumb the very tip of the nipple protruding from the captivity of the balls.
I put Margo on the couch.
I insert a member in her mouth.
I am leaning to my cunt.
I lower the upper band of the panties to the middle of the ass, loosening the tension of the chain.
The chain is still in captivity of wet folds.
I fall down.
I suck on my lips, touch, pull the tongue between them with my tongue.
Pussy exposed to double the impact – my mouth and roll links.
Sometimes I insert a chain into my hole with my finger, then I pinch the loose tip in my teeth and slowly pull it out.
The girl wriggles, groans, almost forgetting about servicing my dick.

Finally, I roll Margo across the couch.
Brutally fucked so that her boobs go shaking.
Their course is really limited nipples trapped in the ringlets.
Heart erase again banned.
In the end, her gratitude for such sexy things should not know boundaries.
The drawn heart continues to please the eye and to warm the soul.
I can fuck a girl legally when the soul desires.
We are going to the boutique.
On the way, I put my female hand on my groin.
And all the way, the girl is joining my tight dick.
At the traffic lights, I bend it down and for a few seconds enjoy the tender lips and playful tongue.
In the boutique, I pick up a short skirt for my captive.
In the red and black cell.
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