xcummingxsoonx s bio and free webcam My six and still pissing in the bath.
I do not know how to deal with this.
I explained that it was not good, I punished, of course, I force you to go for a little before bathing – and no result.
It seems to be trying to piss me off.

Rare swimming with us without fountainlet costs.

And I, unlike you, don’t open it yet.
🙂 I’m at my own, if I’m freaking out while swimming, I’ll hold my finger there constantly.
After a quick look at the remaining three pages of the hygiene topic, I decided to check out the pot section dedicated exclusively to wet pants and pot training.
New, unread by me in the section there were two.
I began to read the first.
One of the mothers, as usual, complained that she could not accustom the child to the pot. hp all in one webcam
Does not want to go to the pot.
Not only does he not ask himself, he does not want to do anything in the pot.
Sit a couple of minutes, gets up and blows into his pants.
Scolded, ashamed, explained that all the big boys should write and crap in the pot – no effect.
Our pot is like a toy: wears it on our head, puts cubes and cars there, but does not use it for its intended purpose.

Help, lovely.
Just do not know what to do.
It was like a week without diapers and had to wear again.
It feels like they will wear them all their lives.
First remove the diaper.
That’s why he doesn’t want to go to the pot because you are dry and comfortable in the diaper.
Potty training should be a child’s conscious reaction to inconvenience.
And mother’s inconvenience? I also did not last more than a week when I tried to leave my one-and-a-half year without diapers.
Absolutely everything in the apartment described.
🙂 Like what? I everywhere have oilcloths.
It absorbs everything, but unlike the diaper it remains wet, so that the child feels discomfort after being described.
xcummingxsoonx s bio and free webcam