yesil cam sex Lena pulled off his shirt with Igor and pushed him onto the bed.
Falling back, he pulled her along.
Lena fell on Igor, and they again merged into a kiss.
Then Igor turned Lena on his back, and he lay down on the side, without stopping to kiss her, crushed her buttocks with his hand.

“Do with me what you haven’t described in our internet fantasies.
About life on a desert island! “- Lena whispered.
“We must go to the shower” – Igor answered.
Lena went to the shower.
And Igor took up the table.
Replenishing supplies and drinks, he turned on the TV and sat in the chair.
Lena returned from the shower in a short robe, barely reaching her knees.
Having a shower, Igor wrapped a towel around his belt and went into the room.
When he entered, Lena lay on her back across the bed with her head to the table and talked on the phone.
Igor sat in the chair and waited for him to finish the conversation.
Pressing the end button on the phone, Lena threw back her head and asked: “Have you already returned?” Igor silently got up, walked over to her, sat down and began kissing her on the lips.
He began to rise with kisses on the neck on his chest.
He held out his hand and pulled at his belt.
The nodule was unleashed, and the robe dispersed along its entire length, exposing Lena’s body.

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When Igor’s tongue reached the nipples and began to caress them, Lena breathed languorously.
His tongue played papilla, then one breast, then the other.
Circling around the protruding cherry, then bit it slightly.
Then he began to kiss Lenin’s body with kisses, moving toward her smoothly shaved pubis.
Reaching her cave, Igor turned Lena on his side and spread her legs.
His eyes opened pink bud, expiring juices of love.
Igor touched his tongue.
Lena gasped and spread her legs wider.
He felt Lena pulling on a towel, and it slipped and released the fighter ready to rush into battle.
Lena took his hand and kissed the head.
She ran her tongue over the bridle and felt it getting even harder.
She hugged the head of a fighter with her lips and plunged him into her mouth.
Igor grabbed Lena by the waist, and, without stopping to caress her cave, turned over onto his back.
Lena was on top and continued to caress his fighter.
Igor, lying on his back, caressed Lena’s cave.
He then played it with a bud, then penetrated the tongue into the depths of the cave, then caressed her lower lips, using his tongue.
Not letting Igor stand up, she turned over to face him and straddled him.
Her cave completely engulfed his fighter.

Lena galloped on Igor’s baton, slowing down and speeding up.
Igor’s hands caressed her chest, then squeezing them, then stroking.
When she was tired, Igor laid her on his stomach and raised his ass.
He ran a tongue on her sexual lips, penetrated into her cave.
Lena bent like a cat, raising her ass even higher, but did not purr.
Igor entered it from behind and began to process it as if he were hammering nails.
Lena wriggled, as if she wanted to jump off the stake on which Igor was pushing her.
But he held her tightly by the waist.
But then a shiver ran through Lena’s body, she arched even more.
Igor felt how the walls of Lenin’s vagina squeezed his cock, and he, too, began to cum.
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