zendabich webcam show First, Dima took out a member and put it in my mouth, and Igor pulled back, then they changed.
“Right now I’m finishing” – Igor whispered passionately, either to me or to Dima.
“Do not stop pussy” – a stranger’s heavy voice was heard.
He apparently was their chief and they obeyed him – “Finish this bitch, tear her mouth”.

The boys rushed to fuck my mouth, then one by one, then together – they literally tore his members.
Dimon could not resist and finished my mouth full of sperm, Igor also finished right there, throwing me sperm from head to toe.
The driver, giving me a little breath, pulled me out of the car.
It was drizzling outside, the skin was goosebumps from excitement and evening coolness.
Putting me on the hood, he pulled up my mini-skirt, took off my pink panties, wiped the windshield of the car with them, then wiped his ass, threw it on the ground, trampled on them – wiped the sole of the shoe on which the shit stuck.

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Brazenly grinning, wiped my face with them, smearing dirt and excrement over it, then threw them near the car.
I was shocked.
In the meantime, I was in shock, he pulled out his huge, fat, stake-and-stick member and shoved him into my sweaty pussy and began furiously fucking me.
His head was beating, giving my pain and unbearable pleasure to my uterus.
I literally screamed at the orgasm that swept over me.
Oddly enough – I liked being humiliated, I even seemed to ask for more.
Those two in the car saw everything, and even podlichivali their protruding dicks.
But I didn’t care – I was violently flooded, and I was dragged from it.
Suddenly, he finished, crying out of pleasure with a small voice, filling all my vagina with sperm.
Without waiting for a member to fall, he turned me on his stomach and.

terrible pain swallowed my whole being.
He thrust in my ass with all his might, without preparation and began to fuck more fiercely than in his pussy.
I yelled, I was just ripped in half.
Five minutes later he finished, when I literally hoarse from screaming.
The rain turned into a downpour.
I was lying near the car, next to my lovely, and now dirty and soiled pink panties, and felt like them – dirty and used.
The guy who recently fought me – washed off the fucking shit and did not even look in my direction.
“Get up.”
I could barely move.
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