anal taxi webcam Natasha came back, hands on her sides and a disgruntled grimace.
– I can again with a bucket, – Oleg smiled.
– Do not dare! – Natasha sternly warned.
“Well, then there’s a bucket of clean water in the corner.”

Soap and washcloth on the shelf.
Natasha looked at the bucket.
She will have to wash under her eyes.
The boy is ashamed.
“So fucking them like a shameless whore is not a shame to you, but it was embarrassing to hold a washcloth over your body in front of their eyes,” Natasha thought to herself.
She went to the bucket and took a sponge and soap.
“Wash yourself over the bucket so that the floor will not be poured,” Oleg said.
Natasha had to spread her legs over the bucket.
She began to quickly rub with a washcloth her belly, chest, armpits, standing with her back to the men.
– Natasha, you have an excellent ass, – said Slavik.
– What’s the secret? My Olka has an ass flat as a board, and you have a big and strong one, squatting with a barbell? “Fuck from the squat,” Amir laughed.
– Well, it goes without saying, – Oleg supported.
– Fuck he crouches better than anyone.
– So where are such appetizing forms from? – again asked Slavik.

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“By nature,” answered Natasha over her shoulder.
She washed her upper body and now moved to the lower.
When she rubbed the crotch and ass, men whistled.
Natasha smiled in front of her.
She liked men discussing her body.
And to even more please the men, she bent forward and slapped her ass with soapy washcloth.
– Yeah! The men shouted and applauded.
Natasha once again slapped her ass with a washcloth, then threw it into the bucket and, wagging her hips, walked over to the table.
She wrapped herself in a towel and sat down at the table.
Her hair was braided to the tail, otherwise they were wet and stuck out in different directions.
“This is another matter,” said Slavik, hugging her by the shoulders.
– Here are just such boobs a sin to hide.
He lowered the towel from her chest and exposed the delicious wet tits.
– Meat, – hissed Slavik, clutching his lips in Natasha’s left tits.
From his moist tongue, her nipples hardened and fire flared up in the belly below.
The men decided to go for a smoke.
Completely naked, not counting the slates on his feet.

Natasha went after them, in shoes and a towel.
At this time, men smoked carelessly.
Natasha languished from the desire to look at the hanging members of their men.
The hands of Slavik, who think at this minute of her ass, only strengthened her desire.
Then Natasha took everything into her own hands, or rather, a member of Slavik.
With her other hand, she grabbed Amir’s cock.
Natasha began to quickly drive up and down, nadrachivaya members.
“Easy,” said Amir.
Suddenly, the towel fell from Natasha’s hips.
She did not even pay attention to this, continuing to nadrachivat members.
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