bambyhot s bio and free webcam Not even having time to get a member out of his pants with a stake, I heard the lock open in the hallway, turning quickly the whole thing moved to see who was there.
A young girl entered the door, about 170 cm tall.
with a pretty waist, bulging ass and chest somewhere 2-3 size, with hair black as resin to the shoulders.
Well, she was dressed in a dress without a strap, and which barely covered her delicious buttocks.

Next came Kiril’s proud gait.
Dad, this is Marina, Marina is my father, Sergei Petrovich.
-Very Ave.
Ryatno Marina, come on in.
Barely squeezed out of himself chasing lustful thoughts looking like a young girl razuvaetsya bent over.
– Sergey Petrovich! son’s girlfriend responded loudly, and they went into his room.
I returned to the living room, I feel like my eggs are just falling from the lack of food.
Here is a young girl, a girl like that hooked, all of me.
With this thought, he closed the door, changed into a dressing gown to hide my erection.

He sat in a chair deciding to relieve the tension with the help of the same porn site, and began slowly nadrachivat his penis under the robe.
I feel that I’m about to finish when the phone suddenly rings.
– What else is there.
! snapping up the phone.
-Hello! on the other end is the voice of the wife.
– Seryozh, Kiril at home? -Yes.
With Marina sit in the room.
It seems at the computer, everything is normal.
-Tell him to meet me at the station, I will be there in 30 minutes, I still need to go to the store to buy something to the table, then in the evening we will all sit together and get to know the table normally. teen porn on cam
Having passed the instructions to his son, he began to gather with a discontented face.
-Marin sit for a while while watching a computer or a TV set, look in my room, where I will be back in an hour.
-Good Kiryush.
The door slammed shut, an awkward minute of silence formed in the corridor where I and the girl were standing after my son was escorted.
– Maybe Marin tea?

I decided how to destroy the situation.
– No, thank you, Sergey Petrovich, I will sit on the Internet with Kiril in a room if I may.
smiling answered me.
– Yes, of course go.
I went back to my chair, closed the door, intending to finish the job.
On the laptop screen, the blonde furiously skipped the bayonet of some kind of porn giant, and my hand moved slowly around my penis.
Having heard some rustling in the doorway, I looked from the screen and noticed that someone through the gap in the doorway was spying on me.
Only one thought came up in my head – Marina! I first stopped being afraid, but then for some reason I wanted to continue.
Throwing back the robe, I started driving the penis with two fingers of my right hand over the penis, then lifting the skin on it, opening the head and back.
Peering intently at the door, I noticed that she opened a little, Marina stood behind her.
Her left hand lifted her dress a little, and with her right hand she drove her crotch over white translucent panties along with my movements.
– Come on girl.
– in a calm voice, but in an orderly tone, he told her, he did not expect such a thing from himself.

Yes, Sergei Petrovich.
straightening her skirt Marina entered the room.
– Come on don’t be shy.
Do you want it? The girl came closer and stood a meter away from me, her eyes were looking at my movements, I saw her lewd eyes, and a faint smile.
-Marish how old are you? -17 turned 3 months ago.
– Have you ever done a blowjob to a man?
? – Former boyfriend and your son.
, but it can be said that there is no man.
so big in comparison with theirs.
– again she smiled red.
-Do you want to try such a girl? – after these words, the girl silently squatted on her haunches, and slowly brought her face to her mother’s member.
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