best streaming webcam 2016 He poured tea into an average glass, threw a lemon, a sugar cube and poured fifty grams of brandy on top.
In the refrigerator I took a chocolate bar, opened it, broke it on the tiles, put it in a saucer and with all this returned to the room.
He moved closer to the sofa, so that she could get herself, a small table, put everything on him, and gave the glass to her hands, returning her from oblivion.
– On, drink, it will warm you, just do not make a face, and drink.

What is your name then? – I squatted beside her and looked into her beautiful eyes.
There was no fear in them, but there was still light alarm.
– Mary, Masha: and you: you? – Alex.
Do you have a mobile phone? Where? – In the bag, the current is wet.
The bus stopped at a dusty stop and the grannies with bags poured into the street.

I also moved to the exit, stopping Dubki is mine.
When I got out, I mechanically turned to the right and walked along the dusty curb. creative webcam pd1130
Having walked a dozen steps, I was caught up by two guys, Vanka and Lyonka.
– Hello Irka! – they greeted loudly when they saw that I was wearing headphones.
“Hello,” I responded, looking as they grew older in a year, that I had not seen them.
They are eighteen, younger than me for a year, but I always considered them smaller.
Every year I came to my grandmother in Dubki, but this year because of the graduation and entrance exams in the summer did not work.
She arrived now at the end of August, as the eternal quarrels of parents and the frequent cases of paternal drinking were boring.
– Are you here for a long time? – busily asked the guys – No, no, maybe three days – Mmm.
– What hmm? – I mimicked – No, no, we just – they were in a hurry to answer at the same time, they are still afraid of me considering they are older.

I smiled to myself remembering how I drove them when they were smaller.
Right now, you do not drive Roly with my height, and Lenka even higher.
“Like life,” I asked, stopping, since I had already arrived, and the guys had to walk even to the end of the street.
– Boring, nothing interesting.
After standing for another ten minutes, after talking about anything, I went home.
My grandmother greeted me cordially, as always, and until the evening I would fall asleep with questions about school, parents, life in Moscow.
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