bongacams models videos She heard sighs and ohan and familiar to her.
She tore her head off the pillow and sat down, watching TV.
On the screen, there was just that moment, where three of them diligently had it at once.
When she stopped crying, she tilted her head, her hair fell over her eyes, but she continued to look.

There was a strange feeling in her eyes.
and shame, and timidity and something else.
Finally she squeezed out of herself, barely audible in a trembling voice.
– I’m not a slut.
I just like it.
I .
– she faltered, lowered her head and cried.
I turned off Vidic.
In front of me sat on the couch Dasha.
She was in one sweater, which only slightly covered her panties and light socks.
Dasha hugged her legs, pressed her face to her knees and cried.
Tears streamed down her legs.
I was like cold water.

Now I saw that even if she is super sexy, she is still just a girl, although very beautiful.
I felt sorry for her, I had to calm her down, and besides, I felt guilty. webcam domasni bbw anus anus
– Dasha, well, stop it.
I did not say that you are a slut.
You are not quite like them.
Don’t mind it.
Just when I saw this tape.
I don’t know what came over me.
– she continued to cry, while I was afraid to touch her, – Well, forgive me.
Dasha, please.
– with these words, I still hugged her.
Dasha raised her face.
It was all in tears.
I began to wipe away the tears.
A slightly noticeable smile appeared on her lips.
She stopped crying, now only sobbing and looking somewhere in the void.
We sat next.
I hugged her and patted her soothingly on the shoulder, she looked somewhere and thought about something.
Suddenly she said.
– Not.

That you forgive me.
– For what ??? – I looked at her in bewilderment.
– Well.
I .
I did not give you.
– What do I rape for you now or something? – I said with a grin.
A little thought Dasha said quietly.
“I just didn’t want us to be like this.”
I thought it would be.
Well, somehow different.
I imagined it very differently.
So she let it slip.
She liked me, and, probably, for a long time.
That is why she always agreed to my invitations and was often with me.
At that moment I experienced a feeling of amazing tenderness and affection for her.
But it turns out, I do not know her at all, but she is so lovely.
– Dasha, do not worry.
It’s ok.
You are a cool girl.
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