creative webcam live vf0050 Stop licking your shoes, but not enough to entertain us.
I just thought that it was not fair not to give Dasha the opportunity to whip this creature.
– Please, do not – I almost cried.
“You promised to let me go.”

I beg you, I beg you – I almost prayed, almost crying.
– You are an insignificant slave and you can not ask for anything.
You have no rights at all, buried my last hope, Julia.
– So ask Daria Yuryevna to punish you.
Maybe she will spare you, despicable creature.
I did not expect such a turn of events.
Is it possible that I will be flogged by the girl with whom I met.
My thoughts were interrupted by the Veronica team: – Slave, you are making fun of us.
Ask for punishment for yourself.
On my knees, I turned to Dasha and began in a trembling voice: “Darya Yurievna, punish your slave, blow me out please.”
The girls laughed out loud, but decided to accept my application for the first time, and later they advised me to ask more convincingly.

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Then they set to work: first, Dasha told me to lie down on the table, stomach down.
I readily carried out her order, which allowed me to hide my cock from girl’s eyes even for a while.
Then, with Julia’s help, she tied my hands to the legs of the table with scotch, and Angela and Veronika spread my legs wide apart and tied them to the table too.
The pose was very funny – the priest stuck up and asked for punishment.
But this seemed a little to my executors and Dasha slightly lifting me by the stomach turned the penis head to the ass.
It was inconvenient to lie, the penis was turned, the eggs were pressed and the whole economy was put on display, and the girls looked at my genitals and could not help laughing.
Dasha came to me from the front, forced me to open my mouth, put a gasket in it and covered it with scotch tape, took a thin rubber pointer from the chair about a meter long and about a centimeter thick and went to try on my exhausted pope.

“Girls,” she asked, “how much did he get?” “Until the whole table is poured,” Victoria cried out.
Everyone agreed approvingly.
The blows fell one after another, I fidgeted on the table, mumbled but could not do anything.
Suddenly Dasha stopped and said with a laugh: – And now it will be even more interesting.
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