foto nude little web cam forum Slowly, my butt began to get used to the member in it.
Having got used a little, I began to listen to my feelings.
And I realized that I really like the feeling.
I started moving towards Sergei, while clenching and unclenching my buttocks.

well done.
– Sergey moaned.
And I stood with the pantyhose pulled down, my dress pulled up, I already sucked and now I am fucked.
I like it.
And who am I after that?
I began to moan loudly from pleasure, like a real woman.
Sergey began to increase the speed of movements and suddenly a strongest orgasm pierced me.
I finished.
In this case, no one even touched my dick.
I came from what fuck me.
I finished how all women end up !!! I finished on female !!! After that I tried to pull away, but it did not work.
The girl can not just leave until the guy gets pleasure.
I realized that very quickly.
And he began to make every effort to Sergei finished.

Suddenly he groaned, and a powerful jet of sperm poured into me.
Sergey stopped and stormed into me for several seconds.
Then he pulled back and patted the pope and said: “Everything has now become a real woman.”
And your mouth is designed and ass.
I think you liked it.
– I also think she liked it – suddenly Lena’s voice rang out.
She stood right in front of me and stroked my head.
– Nothing cute, nothing my good, all the girls sometime break the hype.
So you become a real woman.
You moaned so loudly that I woke up and went out into the yard to see what happened.
And she saw that my husband was being fucked, and he, as the last fucking traitor, was being dragged from it.
I could not bear this new shock and, exhausted, sat down on a bench and wept.
And Lena took Sergey’s arm, took her a little aside and talked about something to him.
After that, she knelt in front of him and sucked him with gusto.

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For some reason, this picture made me very excited, and my dick stood up rooted to the spot.
Lena noticed this and said to Sergey – You see, I told you that she began to like a new life.
All right, we agreed on everything.
Yes? I did not understand what they agreed on.
And Sergei went to ko, took me by the chest and said: – Well, girls so far.
He buttoned his pants and disappeared into the dark.
I continued to sit with the pantyhose lowered, sperm flowed down my legs, my face was smeared with lipstick and sperm.
The member was standing.
Lena sat down next to me and tenderly embraced: – Let’s go home, dear, you need to wash up and we will go to bed.
Although you deserve more.
And she took me for a member, she brought me to orgasm.
Although not as strong as I got when Sergei fucked me.
Then we went home.
When I got out of the shower, Lena handed me a nightgown: – Wear a darling and get used to sleep in a nightie, like all girls.

I obediently took the shirt and put it on.
She pleasantly caressed the body and I once again thought how gentle all women’s things are.
The morning began with the fact that I was ordered to take a shower and shave off all the hair on my body, then there was dressing: panties, bra, tights, skirt, blouse, wig, make-up and a whole day of training in women’s manners.
In the evening Sergey came with his friend.
Difficult night Sir came to my room and told me to dress as I needed and in 10 minutes in the car.
Exactly 10 minutes later I sat in his Jeep and we went to the night, because the gentleman did not specify where we eat.
We slowed down near the country house, resembling a fortress.
The lord took me on a leash and got me out of the car.
Going into the house, he ordered me to kneel down and move in this manner.
We entered a room where a dozen Caucasians sat, fairly pumped up in alcohol.

Upon seeing the Lord, they stood up and greeted him in chorus.
Sir, they said something in their unfamiliar language, but it was obvious that he was talking about me.
Having finished the speech, the mountaineers laughed and invited the gentleman to the table.
– Little bitch sit here and do not think to get into our conversations, all of my friends are here, and everyone can use you as he wants, did the slut understand? Yes, sir, I understand you.
I did not have to sit long, a Caucasian of low stature approached me, took a leash and led me out of the room.
-What a Russian slut, you want to see a member of this guy? -Yes I want this very much.
– You will see, but not now, now you will go with me, and you will do all that I order, will you not? – Yes, I will do everything you order.
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